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How long do i have to change my name on my sscard and DL after marriage?
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How long do i have to change my name on my sscard and DL after marriage?

I just recently got married and with the holidays and waiting to receive my marriage certificate I am now ready to go get my last name changed on important stuff like checking account, ss card and dl. I live in the country so its at least a good 35 minutes to the DMV and My bank but i just found out that I have to drive 2 hrs to the SS place to get my SS card changed as well. How long do i have, is there a time limit and i heard that if i change my last name on my DL then its harder to change it on my SS card, is this true??

I'm a Beast
u can change ur name on ur DL - it cost 25 bucks - also u can go to the courthouse and apply for a legal name change

No its. Not true u have to change ur ss card first then get ur id done and I think u have 90days to do so congrates to u and the new hubby

Its really easy to change your name. I did mine a few weeks after I got married. I just had to wait for my marriage license to come. Take that to the Social Security office and they will change it and mail it to you. It doesn't take long to come. And for your drivers license you just have to take you marriage license to the DMV fill out some form and they will mail you your new license. It does take a few weeks for your IDs to come in so don't change your names on all your cards and accounts till you have an ID that shows your new name.

Depends on where you live,but generally you have 60 days to do the name change,not including holidays. And no,it doesn't matter what order you do it in. Just show the marriage license and smile. Everybody loves to help the bride.

There is no legal requirement that you change your name upon marriage. It is perfectly legal to retain your maiden name.

I didn't change my name for over a year.....but I change my social before I did my drivers license.

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