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How long does it take to forget about the child i wanted to give up my rights to?
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How long does it take to forget about the child i wanted to give up my rights to?

Although i told my ex mistress i wanted to give up rights to our daughter, her lawyer told me i have no rights to give up as i'm not on birth certificate. It's been exactly a month since i made it known i didn't want anything to do with the child anymore as i wanted my girlfriend to forgive me for fathering that child & kept it from her. I live with my long term girlfriend whom im committed to although im still married but separated for 8yrs now. When am i likely to forget about this child, another month or so?

My dad forgot about me too when i was a toddler. When i got older i had to look for him for closure. I did, i found him and tried to form a relationship with him but he was not interested. He concentrated more on his other children. I phoned him several times but he has never gotten back to me. I am very bitter because its hard for me to deal with rejection from my own parent. I am undergoing counselling at the moment. Please dont do this to your child. I am 25yrs old by the way and this happened last year.

who are you kidding with this nonsense question ? you have forgotten you have a child already! you have to ask when will you forget your own child? you want nothing to do with that child? your question should have been when will i remember ive got a child? loser ! get out of my face!

Good God!!! What a friggin convoluted life you live!!! Oh my god. You've got a woman pregnant with your child who you don't want (that in itself I can't understand but that's you not me) plus your separated (which is married with problems) with a long term girlfriend who obviously lives with her head in the clouds putting up with this garbage!! Your question is when will you forget about the child? You won't. A child is forever in your mind. One day she will search you out and want to know WHY you turned your back on her.

Never ever- your an A SS

This could once again come back to haunt your when the mother of the child wants the courts to order you to pay child support for the child you fathered. You may give up your rights as a parent, but that does not give up your obligation to pay for the child unless they are legally adopted by another person. 18 years from now you may find that the child wants to find out who their father is and ask the question 'Why were you not in my life'. This is not something that will just go away, but will come up for years to come.

Agree with first answer. I still remember my ex wife's miscarriage. To me it was my child.

You will never forget i promise you that and when it is old enough it will find you looking for answers.

Most likely you will never forget.

You'll be thinking about it on your deathbed.

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