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I'm in love with another man. Should I leave my husband, father of my 2 young children, for the other man?
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I'm in love with another man. Should I leave my husband, father of my 2 young children, for the other man?

I think you should do some soul searching and see what drew you to seek out another. There is obvious displeasure in your marriage, and everybody who calls you selfish obviously has a one track mind. The welfare of your children is what is most important, and if the situation you all are in is emotionally unstable, you need to resolve your current situation first. If your heart is with another, be careful. It could be confused with other things. If you want someone else, maybe you should take your children into consideration and look around you. Take care of you, and life will take care of itself.

First u need to ask yourself something..... "what would Christ do?" I believe u need to ask in a prayer to "Jesus Christ" help me and show me and deliver me ! If your marriage u made before god has been compromised in anyway, i believe u should discuss it with your husband and try to resolve the problem,then seek counsel!

i guess u thought the grass was greener on the other side are u willing to seprate ur kids away from theid dad so u can be happy sounds like to me u are being selfish maybe u need to go to counsling and get help and for the man u are inlove with he needs to be labeled a homewrecker but im sry u are selfish

why did you get mar,in the first place you can say that you love him when you first got mar. but that dont cut it, why dont you just stay with one man what it all about any way what the hill why dont we all just **** every one.

No. Why? Just because you are cloud nine right now, reality will set in and guess what? He's not any better than anyone else. What am I talking about? Faults!!!! Everyone has them. At first you'll overlook it and it's not that bad, but let me tell you, you will see it and you're going to end up sitting there one day and asking yourself, "Dear God, what have I done?" You'll have a busted home, a husband who use to love you, and now you're stuck with "him."

Selfish, selfish, selfish---you're not thinking about anyone's future but your own. What about those 2 innocent little lives that YOU and your husband brought into this world? They didn't ask to be raised in a broken home with a selfish mother. Give your head a shake and put your personal gratifications aside. Be a woman & take care of your children & start apologizing to your husband now. If you're lucky he might forgive you.

hot chocolate
"oh my god"if your going to leave for your own selfish reasons your dead wrong !what about your kids? now if your husband is abusive or can't be trusted that's very different.if the situation can be worked out,'please' work it out ,because the kids will suffer.i know you deserve to be happy also,but the grass ain't always green on the other side!!!to answer your question it's NO if not necessary

Is the guy in love with you also? Do not base your factor on leaving him to be with another man just because you are in love with him, if your marriage is not falling apart, For the sake of the kids I say yuo stay with your husband.

Um...what makes you think you are in love with this other man? What has he done that is so much greater than what your husband has done while you were dating, and throughout your marriage. You say he's the father of your 2 young children...it seems there was some magic, sparks, or whatever a few years ago... Really think about your decisions...what will happen to your family? What about this other guy? Let's say you do leave your husband, and what? marry the other man. After you have a second episode of having a big wedding with all your friends and family, have two children...then you find SOMEONE ELSE you are in love with. Spare your children! And if you're marriage isn't falling apart already, that would be stupid and wrong to hurt your husband.

Darling Gracie, I think you are suffering from "The Grass Is Greener On The Other side Syndrome". You have to try to make your marriage work. you made a commitment, and you have your 2 babies to think about. Everyone had doubts about their mates sometimes, but who's to say you won't get sick of this other guy to, and then move on to someone else, I mean, this could just keep repeating over and over again. Stick it out with your hubby, dig deep together and remember the things that brought you together in the first place.

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