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I've been separated for 3 years now how quickly can I get a divorce and how much would it cost?
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I've been separated for 3 years now how quickly can I get a divorce and how much would it cost?

Separation was caused by breakdown of marriage with no-one else involved although during the past year both me and my husband have found new partners. We have settled everything between ourselves financially so there are no outstanding monies owing to either party. There are no childen involved either and the house belongs to me as I bought my husbands share from him.

It took mine about 9 months and cost less than £2,000

I got divorced in Texas for @ $750 with everything agreed upon and 60 days later...In texas there is a mandatory 60 day waiting period after filing papers.

live life
Go to you Local Court they will give you all the papers you need to serve and advise on how to do it, at min cost, as far as I know, it can cost as min off £100 glad you don't need to involve the sharks best for the future xxx P.S It will only take 6-8 wks Plug in quickie Divorce on the web and look at the web-sites

I have just done the same thing mate. If you have been separated for 2 years or more and there are no complications and both happy to divorce then it can be done very quickly. Make an initial solicitors appointment and then it will take about 4-6 weeks from your application to court to get your nisi. Then your solicitor puts in the application in for your absolute and this takes exactly 6weeks and 1 day from your nisi date. Then you are free to marry again!! If you are as brave as me!!! ;o) The total cost was about £250 for the nisi and likewise for the absolute, so approx £600 altogether. Good luck x

Mary O
Go buy a do it yourself kit and fill it out it should cost about 40.00 if you need help filling it out maybe you can find a paralegal to help you, the paperwork has to be filled out correctly or the judge will send you home and then you will have to do the process over again, after you get the paperwork done take it to the family court and file it it will cost maybe 150.00 to 170.00 for filing and if you have to pay for a divorce referee it will be another 100.00 and at that time they will give you a case # and date to appear..

Don W
It depends on where you live. You both can use the same atty. but you set it up, that way should thing go bad, He has to find the atty. and your atty. will be ready for court. The cost again depends on where you live here in Missouri it's less than $500.00 with both of you agreeing on everything. Hope this helps

It depends on if he contests it after you've filed. Hope you have documented proof that you bought that house from him....otherwise you might have to pay him again. The cost of the divorce can be diminished if you file the paperwork yourself. Go to your courthouse, in the family law department and ask them for the packet. They will charge you a fee to file it (varies depending on county). If your ex agrees with everything, bring him with you and have him sign everything at the same time, that will save a lot of time.

Sounds like your ready to jump right in to someone else's bed.

Well if it's uncontested should be fairly cheap and quick. A few hundred dollars for the divorce and a few weeks for it to become final, depending on where you live ofcourse. Look under uncontested divorce for your state.

That really depends on which state in which you reside; it differs from one state to another. Contact the clerk at your county courthouse, they can give you the information you need.

a very happily married woman
u could have filed for divorce as soon as u left him. there are some places u can get divorced for as little as $200 if he will voluntarily sign the papers since u have no property or kids to settle on. talk to an attorney. i think u can just meet in his office and sign the papers then they have to be filed and that will be the end of it. good luck to u

inthae state of nh you can get a divorce in about 2 months and cost $145.00. does not take long when you have everything already taken care of

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