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I already pay Child Support, should I be giving more?
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I already pay Child Support, should I be giving more?

I pay $550 a week in child support. I'm divorced and there is nothing in the agreement that says I have to pay half of day care or for birthday parties, etc.. Should I give my wife half of day care and anything else she wants that is not in the settlement agreement? She says, if I don't, she will take me back to court.

some random guy
im sorry i lack better words but your wife is being a money hungry ***** and you need to put her in check

make sure that money goes to that kid and that shes not useing it for herself

Darjeeling Snow
Holy MACKEREL!!! What does she DO with $550 a week? How many children are there? Even if there were four, it still should be PLENTY!!!! In addition to her alimony? REALLY!

Some women!!!!!!
And it is not just her fault. You should either keep better tabs on the cost of living ... or ... OH! The children wear SABLE UNDERWEAR? Oh, I didn't know. I apollogise. Gee vizz!

Well, then ...... PAY YUP!!! Slacker!

Peace & Love .... for REAL!!!!!

Rachel L 5555
What b****!. You are paying over $2,000 a month and she wants more??? No way.

She is getting excellent CS from you. There is no way I'd give her another penny other than what is legally coming to her (and I'm a single mom). Don't let her scare tactics get to you - you have legal rights too. So, call her bluff. And the next time she threatens to take you back to court, tell her you aren't discussing this money issue with her anymore, here is my attorney's phone number...you can give him a call anytime and discuss it with him.

If she is only working part time nights, why are your kids in daycare again?? If I were you and this is coming from a woman, Id say take me back to court. Look into the parental alienation laws in your state/province. One parent isnt supposed to try to brain wash the children or really speak ill of the other parent. If you really think your ex is that bad of a caregiver you should try to get custody yourself.
Good Luck and Im sorry you are having to deal with this

You should not for the court threat but for the fact that that's your kid and you love him or her and should support him or her through their childhood and later on in life.

Let her take you back to court. That's what child support is used for the care of the child. The courts not going to make you pay more money because she wants to have a birthday party.
In Missouri they can only take you back for a modification every 3 yrs. So I pay the consulting fee or go back the atty. you used for your divorce, and talk to him.
I'm not saying eat steak in front of kids while they starve to death, but the extras should be given freely not by threats, as a matter of fact I wouldn't say anything to her about your doing and record her trying to extort more money from you.
I've done the same thing including, after talking with my wife gave my ex a car, so she could bring the kids to me as she was supposed to, she got the car, and never one time used it to bring the kids to me.

Hope this helps

if u give her money a month then the extra come from the kindness of your heart..she cant get nothing else if she took u back to court cause its been settled..thats just a line girls use to get more..im a woman myself..if u pay child support then she cant withhold the kids from u or u can take her to court..trust me..she wont want that..your a good man if u giving her child support an extra on the side..$550 suppose to take care of day care.thats included in the $550..

Let her take you back to court if she thinks that will get more money out of you. My ex husband only pays $430 a month and believe me for 2 kids that isn't much to get by on.
But you are court ordered to pay child support if she takes you back to court the judge will just tell her to use the money she is already getting from you.
Birthday parties are something that should come out of her pocket not yours. As for daycare she must be working so why is it so hard for her to come up with that part of raising the kids. She has to be making it good with your 2000 a month plus whatever she makes. She is being greedy to be honest with you.

Hell no! Don't do it! Tell her to take you to court, cause you are already paying child support, and you don't HAVE to pay anything else.

Call her bluff, and don't do it!

Amie G
$550 a week for child support is alot. Let her take you to court she will lose out. The $550 a week she get is suppose to go towards things like that.

daljack -a girl
You have to pay a portion of your income and that should be all.

However she can take you back to court whenever you get a raise or a bonus because if you were living with the children they would benefit from the increased wages.

i think you are paying enough unless you have many children. she has to show cause why she is not getting enough. you can tell your complaints about her to the judge or court commissioner and i think it will be a wash.

if im not mistaken thats all figured in to the amount the court sets for you to pay????

Assuming the present amount was settled BY a court that is what you are legally obligated to contribute unless your income has gone up, in which case she can go back and ask for more. You can always toss a few extra bucks in the pot if you can spare it.

Tangled Web
Obviously she isn't remarried and has nothing better to do with her time that try to give you grief. Child support is just that - monies to support the child(ren). The only thing you are otherwise responsible for is likely health insurance and 50% of medical bills. You pay daycare when they are with YOU, not her. You pay their birthday parties that YOU throw them, not her. If that is the case, then she should be obligated to pay you child support on the weekend when they are with you, right? Good thing you divorced her...she sounds like an idiot.

And to think my ex thought it was ridiculous of me to ask for $50 a week for half of child care...

Let her!!! You pay plenty enough for all those things. She is greedy and wants to support herself with your child support checks. Don't give her one dime over the support check.....

Let her take you to court, shes sounds like she is just being a *****.

How many kids are you paying on? 550 for one seems really high to me, On the other side, if you are paying 550 a week for 5 kids, then yes, you should be doing more for them.

If it isn't in the agreement then you don't have too. Let her take you to court. I think that $550 a week is more than enough for her to help pay for daycare. That child support can be used to pay rent, and utility bills, or anything that will ensure the child has a safe enviroment to live in. As for birthday parties, offer to help but not to pay half. If she is the one throwing the party, then it should be her burden to pay not yours. I think you are paying more than enough of your share.

I want to share something with you then you can decide what you know is right to do. I have a daughter and her father and I are no long together. He pays child support and nothing else like for daycare, birthday parties, dance, etc. My daughter is 4 and very smart for a 4 yr old. Last year on her 3rd birthday, she asked me what her daddy got her and it broke my heart to tell her nothing. This year I have had to take her out of dance because I can't afford dance and again she asked where was her daddy and she asked me to call him to send her some money. I tried to explain to her that her daddy was a busy man because he hardly calls and he never visits with her. So I gave him and call and put him on speaker phone. He told he that he already gives her child support and whatelse did she expect from him. This is how he talks to his only child who is only 4. He told her that he couldn't help her even though he is a computer tech. for a big corp. in GA. Now, my daughter won't even talk to him on the phone and she wants nothing to do with him. I encourage her to talk to him because he is her dad but she told me: mom he don't want me. She wanted to know what she did wrong. It breaks my heart to hear my daughter ask these things. So, I say to you, yeah you may pay child support but money can never come close to being there for your child mentally, physically, emotionally, and just being in your child's life. It's not the money that a child cares about its your presence that your child wants. You and your ex are don't have to like each other but you have to get along for the sake of the child. God Bless

Yvette B yvetteb
she can take you back to court for daycare expenses, but she will have to prove those figures/amounts she presents to the court.

if you pay that much per week, its one of:
1) you make some dam good money
2) you owe a lot of arrears
3) you have a lot of kids

in any case, she can try all she wants, but it doesnt mean she'll get it... but she can get a portion of it if she really does use daycare services.

as for her working pt, it doesnt matter, a ful time income is calculated for those who dont work full time, or its allowed because the children must be young.

that 550 goes on daycare.

that is a lot of money.. you are already doing your part, if she needs money for clothes, parties etc, maybe she needs to attend a money management class. you have to live too! and for the record, i am a woman. i pay child support, i slip her 20 or 30 when i get paid if i have extra. clothes on birthday and christmas, i do my part. she should do HER part

Good for you for taking care of your kids!! Some men (and women do not) I'd say if you can work the smaller financial things out with her like splitting things; that would work. I have friends who do that. Like they'll split clothes for school or supplies; but nothing for birthdays or holidays etc. If she throws the child a party; that's on her; not you. If she's that petty or nasty; let her take you to court. It's just another way unfortunately for her to try and get more money out of you. My guess is it probably won't work; it will cost her more to do that then what it would be to split things; you know? Good luck!! Keep me posted!!!!

Well you are paying alot at 550 a week, but it would be nice but I dont think it is required. Maybe she should learn to work with what you have or make a comporise on saying you will help to a certain amount extra. I am not sure that going back to court will do much since you are paying child support. It would look kind of funny saying she wants more money so she can pay for birthday parties. lol I dont know some people always want more.

She can take you back to court if she wants, but what she doesn't realize is that she could end up getting less than she gets. She's getting over $2000 a month, I used to live off of less than that a month with a newborn and I survived. She is being a *********, and she makes other women look bad. I think you pay her more than enough, she shouldn't need half of day care and if YOU want to pay half of the birthday party you can IF you CHOOSE to. I would get my lawyer ready.

i'm a woman, and i think your ex wife is being very greedy.

you are paying over $2000 a month in child support, and i can't imagine that it takes that much money to support ONE child each month, does it?

the courts have already ordered you to pay $550 a week. You don't have to pay for anything else, unless it is stated in black and white, in your divorce papers.

YOU have the option to pay for anything else you wish. This would be considered a "gift" in court, and not part of any child support payments.

let her take you back to court if she's that greedy. i doubt she'll win.

If it is not stated any where in the settlement agreement, tell her to take you back to court. She won't win. You are in your rights. I know that money a parent receives is not always enough.., but 550 dollars a week , I would take any day. She should thank her luck stars , you are a good father and paying what you do. My ex only has to pay 80 dollars a week and he is way behind and has skipped the state, and he is an over the road truck driver who makes good money.
Good luck Dad keep it up.

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