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I am divorced and only just what do I DO NOW?
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I am divorced and only just what do I DO NOW?

Ruth W
So sorry your marriage landed in the divorce courts, and that your partner has left you. But, you have gone through so much that some of it has made you a stronger better person. Reassess your life and sort out what is worth doing and what isn't. Don't get depressed but visit some friends - your friends, as the friends you had will have disappeared. They think that what happened to you will happen to them.Some will treat you like you have the black plague. But thats ok those friends you toss. Then get up every morning and rejoice that you're ok and go to work. Hold your head up and walk tall. You will have moments when you feel weepy and thats ok too. Hot chocolate and a good book or movie helps Take life one day at a time, and value the friends and family that you do have. Trust in God to get you through each trial. You are unique.

date and have fun fun fun!!!

Oh, I'm sure I could give you a few ideas !!!

Cheap booze and cheaper women!! I give that advice to guys, and you don't really want a guy that's drinking cheap booze... Settle into your new life, and find a descent guy,,, they're out there! Or, become one of the cheaper women and have some fun... it's up to you.

Make plans for your future, decide what you want to do, ten go out there and do it.

look up your old friends and PARTY!!!! Failing that (maybe your friends have grown apart from you), join a club and get socialising again. You have to start a new life now. Oh what an adventure!

Element Say FU Yahoo III
You move on and live your life. Just like everybody else.

Gypsy girl
You cosul live ur life buddy . A new life maybe

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