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I am having problems with my husband being very jealous and controlling. What should i do?
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I am having problems with my husband being very jealous and controlling. What should i do?

i was in a relationship for 6 years. We broke up and i met someone else whom i'm married to know. My husband is very jealous and accusive, we even fought once because of his jealousy. He gets mad when males speak to me, and when we get home he wants to argue, even about little things. Anyway he went to jail and was sentenced 24 months in tdcj for trying to fight my ex. I am trying to figure out if i should stay with him or send him on his way because of his jealousy, when i don't do things to even make him jealous. His release daste is april 21st and i need help trying to figure out what i should do about my situation.

Honey you need to leave him,this doesn't sound like a healthy relationship.Seek counseling, work on your self esteem and find someone who trusts and loves you. Good luck and always remember you do not have to settle,you can always find someone better. Believe in yourself..: )

Debbie D
Boy, do I feel for you. My ex-husband was the jealous type, and this is a no-win situation. If you stay, you will be answering accusations forever because HE is the one with the problem. He may try to justify his behavior by saying it is because he "loves you so much"-don't beleive it for a second! Love does not exsist without trust. My current husband taught me that. A good, loving, healthy relationship is what you deserve, and do not EVER let anyone tell you it is impossible to find. Take steps to get out and keep yourself safe while you do it. Life is too short to waste in an unhappy relationship.

One reason he is lashing at you is because he is insecure with himself. See he thinks if he can control you , You will never leave you. But its doing just the opposite. It makes you want to run away. He needs to get some counseling. He need to know that NO woman would put up with it.The jealously thing is all in he head. It is a lack of trust on his part. Maybe you need a time apart for awhile for him to get it together. Either way your going to have to do something because its driving you crazy and you can't live like that!

Tater Salad
Ok, he's jealous and controlling because he's Insecure and has very low self esteem. These are deep rooted problems HE has to work on. HE needs to fix himself. And if he can't control himself enough to figgure out that he;s the problem and not the other guy....then perhaps you should leave while you can. He might've fought with the other guy, but what's to keep him from turning his apparently uncontrolled anger on you? Run while you can and make sure you look into getting a restraining order. The courts shouldn't have much of a problem issuing one based on his recent anger issues. Good luck.

BabyGirl 254
Does the name Carolyn Thomas ring a bell? She was the woman who was shot in the face by her jealous and crazed boyfriend. Not only did she lose percentage of her face she lost her mother. In my theory jealous men look for things wrong...they are controlling and possessive of what they think is theirs. You are in a bad position. I would suggest that you think about what could happen....not every situation is the same but things could escalate to the point where you're hospitalized or dead. Look into restrainig orders as well.....Good Luck.

If you really love him try talking to him and tell him that he needs to tune down the jealousy and if he can't do that for you and your relationship you will have no choice than to leave him. If he can't then you should probably go ahead and leave having someone who is that jealous can be dangerous for you and others. Hope you make your decision before it's to late.

you should leave him. he has no right to be getting mad at you for any little reason that's stupid! you should get a divorce and look for someone better that won't get mad for any reason and for the woman you are.

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