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I am in love with a married man and why does his wife harass me?
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I am in love with a married man and why does his wife harass me?

We were friends prior to their separation. After they separated we became romantically involved. After they got back together I told her everything. She took him back. Now he is contacting me again and she is sending me all these hate messages. Can I legally do something since I feel as I am a victim in this? She hasn't threatened me but calls me names and sends me mean messages.

I am going to take him back since I love him and he is my soul mate, he feels the same for me. Do I have any rights?

Salacious Crumb



Separation is not divorce....
He is a cheater

I call shenanigans!

Jane Marple
You'll know what she's going through when down the road he does it to you.Don't worry, it's coming your way!

brian's girl
don't get involved with a married man that's nothing for trouble.

Wisen Smart
I see you changed your nasty language with this new question, my answer is still the same I gave you 1 1/2 hour ago.

You have no rights. Plus your a fool to boot! You know wives can now sue women like you. No joke!

You and him deserve each other.

You're F*cking crazy.

Drop him please, you have sanity issues and he has marital issues and she has more marital issues.

The Human Sybian
Do you have any rights??

Yes,...you do. You have the right to find a single man of your own and STOP F*CKING AROUND WITH A MARRIED MAN. Geez, you are one stupid broad.

Queen of Beer
Why do you need someone elses husband? Why not go find a single man. Geez, you are partly the reason so many marriages are so screwed up.

The right to do right. You know that man is no good. Why do you want him? Because she sent you mean messages? Taking him from her is like cutting your nose off to spite your face!

Tamera Middlebrooks
WOW. that is crazy. but even if u can call the police, u started this by being with him. find someone single. BTW, y were u even with a married man? if u were married would u want a women with your husband???

I'll tell you what to do. You stay the hell out of other people's marriage. You are the worst kind of woman- one who breaks up families. How do you live with yourself, homewrecker?

Margaret C
Your man is never going to be loyal to either of you. You should both dump him, and you should stay away from his wife.

Separated does NOT mean divorced. They were still married. So you have no rights.

Age old problem....you should not have become involved with a married man. Dont you know that he will cheat on you? You probably are not the only one with him.....my experience in life tells me that..I know and was married to some cheaters...its their MO.

Common sense isn't your thing is it?

He is your soul mate that you are going to be with? Don’t be surprised if he tells another woman down the road she is his soul mate too and you are the angry wife. Life comes full circle.

You have the right to tell him to respect you enough to divorce her once and for all if he is really serious about being with you. Otherwise, why put you in the middle of this situation when it's only gonna cause drama?

Tell him to choose.

The Original GarnetGlitter
1) delete all e-mails from both him and her.
2) do not contact him anymore
3) screen your phone calls with Caller ID and most important....


You started this by spreading your legs for another woman's husband....IMO you then deserve all you get.

BTW the WIFE has all the rights, NOT the Booty Call.

1. You have NO rights.
2. You are NOT a victim
3. He is married still - what part of that do you not understand?

Tell him that until he has the divorce papers in hand you don't want to speak or see him. And find yourself a SINGLE unmarried man to build a relationship. If he's cheating on his wife with you, he WILL cheat on you in the future with someone else. Still want him???

No Drama
DO you have any rights? LOL! You ARE NOT HIS WIFE. Yes, you have the right to be this man's tail on the side while he run's back to his wife. The wife shouldn't be harrassing you, though I understand her anger. She should deal with the real problem... Her husband. Why would any self respecting woman allow herself to be used by a married man? What kind of self respecting woman would be married to a man who cheats and be pissed at the mistress instead of her husband. He has the obligation to her and the family but he doesn't respect her or their vows. This is ridiculous. You're single, move on to a single man. Stop being used. He's not your soulmate. If he was he wouldn't have gone back home. He has a good arrangement, 2 women who'll give him what he wants while he has his cake and eat it too.

Whatever you have done with a married man, or not done, you have EVERY RIGHT not to be harassed by ANYONE.

I was in a similar position a couple of years ago, he told me he was almost divorced. I never date, since my divorce, and also I have a child, and it was easy for him to lie to me for those reasons - and when this guy's wife found out, and oh what a shock, turns out she had NO idea he was "leaving" her, I was threatened by the wife and her family. I am talking REALLY disgusting threats of harm and injury.

Whatever any moral issues are, you do not have to stand for being bullied by anyone.

I do, however, question your taste in men.

No you are contributing to the crime of adultery.

If he really loves you and you are a good moral person. Then tell him once he leaves his wife by way of divorce you will see him.

I know some people (esp. wives) will bash you but he is as guilty as you are, but you can never be the victim unless you also end up marrying him.

If you end up with him and he turns out to be just a man that has to cheat then you will find yourself in the same place she is in --- how would you feel?

She has no right to harass you and you can report her to the police even if it is not physical

frankly speaking no. i'm not going to judge your character or say anything about you cause i'm here to help you not judge you. From what you've told me you were friends with him before the seperation, which is fine, getting romantically linked with him after the seperation, which is fine also since they are legally divorced, what i think you did wrong was is telling her everything, frankly you didn't have to tell her anything at all, you weren't having an affair with him while he was with her you were with him when he was SINGLE so she's out of the picture then so she didn't need to know anything,but you were being a good person and told her and her reaction is justified wouldn't you be mad if your ex husband broke up with you, had a romance with another woman and then he gets back with you and this lady tells you everything that happened with him? you'd feel used right? like your his toy when he's tired with you, he goes to another woman when he's tired with her he comes back, you'd feel like what? make up your mind?!! right? so straight to your question, do you have any rights? legally and personally you don't. Legally she is his wife, if he loved you he needs to leave her to give her justice and stop lying to her and to be fair to both of you and be straight up with you guys instead of having her as his wife and you as the other woman. So i mean if you try to get help all they'll tell you is your not his wife so you can't do anything, and they'll just label you as "they other woman" or "the homewrecker" i would say talk to him tell him if he loves you he needs to divorce her and be fair with her cause she's also a woman too right? she wants her soul mate her prince charming so you can't just think about yourself when there's three people involved as a woman you need to stand up for the both of you cause it sounds like he's using the both of you guys to get the best of both worlds so be straight up and said hey i love you and you say you love me but if you do you need to divorce her and give me my rights also cause i don't deserve the harassment i'm going through for you, for our love, so you need to make the choice, me or her, otherwise i'm out. Cause you can't choose and she can't choose its up to him who he really feels he needs to be with. So talk to him, and see what's going on, because its not like he doesn't have a choice if he doesn't want to be with her then he can have a divorce,but it seems like he likes her and you and ultimately she's his wife and you aren't and i don't think you should try to get him back,because you'll just be seen as a homewrecker, and i don't think any woman should be seen as that. Just be frank with him and give him time to think or do the right thing no matter how hard it is, because breaking up someone's marriage is not just and what goes around comes around so you might get him if you break up their marriage but then you may lose him. So talk to him, tell him to make a choice and see how it goes,otherwise girl i know how hard it may be, but its better to move on from a guy who can't choose to a guy who knows your the one. I hope you take my advice and i hope i really helped you. i'm sorry for what your going through,but no matter how hurt you are, make the right choice and your sure to get what is rightfully yours may it be him or someone else . I wish you all the luck:)

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