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I am separated from my husband and will be seeing someone new, how do I tell him?
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I am separated from my husband and will be seeing someone new, how do I tell him?

I left my husband about 7 months ago, and I have moved out, moved on, and will be seeing a guy I met once he moves to Az. How do I tell my ex that I will be seeing someone else?

Hugs and Kisses
You don't have to tell him anything. He's your ex for a reason. Obviously he wasn't doing his job as being a good husband or else you wouldn't have never left him. So no honey don't tell him anything. And if he asks why you didn't tell him just say " Why do you care you wasn't doing your job so now someone else is doing it for you". How sad is that. lol Good luck. and tell your ex how it is.

just nate
Just say: "I'm seeing someone else." He'll want to know if it was while you two were still together... be honest. As harsh as it sounds, honesty will work better for you than concealment.

Nutty, I think you are incorrect. You should not see anyone until you get divorced. YOU, are the biggest loser. Next......

Maizy *
I wouldn't tell him your personal life if you have moved out and moved on. There is no point. As long as the two of you are proceding with a divorce. I would almost just wait until you are divorced because it will be easier and you won't owe anyone an explanation. I would completely finish one relationship before you start another one. Give yourself a break and enjoy being single for a little while longer.

The same way your telling everyone here on Yahoo.

If you have to tell him for some reason like so he knows you're history just say - "I am seeing someone now...." no need to provide details or that he is moving to AZ soon.... just flat out I am seeing someone and we are not getting back together....

A bit of advice... if you're still working out the divorce settlement and if kids are involved.... get all that settlement stuff done before you get to involved - they say nothing worst than a scorned women.... being a man who finds out someone took his place can be as bad or mean or hurtful as any scorned women might be...

why does it matter if you are separated? unless you are separating with the intent to eventually get back together, there is no reason for you to say it to him.

Lucky L
How dare you?!?!? Get back with your husband and don't cheat on him!! Remember your marriage vows!! Ofcourse, you don't tell your husband you are cheating on him- you get back with him- do the right thing. You don't want to live with the guilt of this adulterous relationship.

He's an EX you don't. That is all your business only~

If you separated you don't have to tell him anything, you can bet your boots he is having girlfriends after 7 months. If your afraid of are something he might able to take from you, get a legal separation. With a legal he can't do a thing.

You don't need to tell him. He is no longer a part of your life. Keep it to yourself - and get on with it. You've already left and moved on - why add insult to injury?

You don't, it's none of his business what you do with your personal life.

He's your ex, you do not have to tell him anything. Why do you think you owe him anything?

If you are no longer sleeping with your estranged husband, there should be no reason for you not to tell him. You should however keep your legs together until your DIVORCE is final.

He's not your ex until the divorce is final. It would be much better to finish the marriage once and for all before starting to see another man.

Why do you need to tell your ex? He doesn't need to know. If you really want to tell him - just call him up and tell him out of the blue. There's no "right" way to do it. If you guys are stil in touch and are on good terms, there shouldn't be any problem at all telling him.

Keep it on the down low until you have a divorce. You need to remember that some states still have Adultery laws on the books and your husband may use it to make your divorce a nightmare

Tell him that you are moving on with your life...without him. I dont' think you owe him any more details than that!

Key word here--"separated". Until the ink dries on that divorce decree, you don't need to "see" anybody! And even then, don't get into a rebound relationship. Take care of you first, then start worrying about other people!

you would only tell him if your still in love

hello kitty
I seperated from my husband in August...and when I was starting to see a guy I told my ex that there was things going on in my life that I thought he should hear from me. We went to lunch and I told him the truth.

It makes a difference what kind of relationship you have with your ex

you don't need to tell your ex Nothing! Live you life and don't let this bother you,,,,ex-means,,,,THE PAST! so, enjoy and don't worry..

John T
If you have kids and think they will tell your ex you a seeing someone else, you are right. Keep the new relationship separate from your kids for now...and for a long while. Only if it gets serious for you and the new guy would I discuss it with the kids or the ex.

well honey, you cant!!! you are separated, not divorced. let the coal go out before starting another spark. unbelievable

You get divorced first, then it's none of his business. In the meantime, you made a commitment to be faithful while married. Even if he isn't, you need to take the high road and keep your morals intact, if that doesn't work....what's your number?LOL

Unless you have kids with your ex there is no reason to tell him. The only reason I told my ex that I was dating was because my kids where about to meet my boyfriend and I knew they might ask their dad questions and I wanted him to be prepared.

First: Why do you need to tell him? Its not really his business.
Second: Why are you afraid of him?

It is not his business.

It is just my opinion, but I would not start anything serious until you are legally divorced. I see it as still being married. What do you owe your husband? Nothing really. It is about playing it safe. You don't want to put your new friend in a difficult position and you certainly don't want to put yourself in that too. I understand the need for companionship and friendship, but you are not divorced yet. Try not to rush into anything too soon that may come back to haunt you later. Good luck.

You don't have to tell him anything.

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