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I have just separated from my husband?
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I have just separated from my husband?

he says he wont move out, as we are joint tenants, so we have to live under the same roof but separated. I only work 20 hours a week, I know I can get working tax credit for myself and my children (who are not my estranged husbands), but does anyone know if I can claim housing benefit and council tax benefit, as now I suppose I'm classed as a single parent even though he is still here!

Lynsey C
You may need to get a legal seperation in order to receive those benefits, speak to your local benefits office or CAB

One of you if not both is still in love.It is difficult for one to let it go someone you have stayed with for some time even althogh no one is willing to admit.But if one is serious enough to go he she will not mind other things.But whatever the decision you take dont treat one another like an enemy thats if you want all to go well,try the legal way and i can assure you that it will take longer than you expected.Dont go the forceful way.

the poet
sorry to hear you have seoerated. As far as i am aware you are entitled to benefits it may be reduced because you are working, goto the SS office and they will be able to advise you better.

yes u should depends on ure income and savings though.....go to ure local council office or even the website they beable to advise and give u a form they have been good to my mum and she recieves lots of benefits to help her out

hey they may be a problem about proving that you are seperated, therefore I advise one of yourselves to move out and start afresh, this will benefit u in the future u are likely to be paid more and get help from the social security, or trying suggesting something conveinent like 'buy me out' as I am serious in leaving you! then you can claim child support, income support and voluntary maintenance payments for the spouse whilst your getting divorce if need be

Talk to the Citizens Advice Bureau, but think you will have to proove that you are "not" a couple anymore. I had to do this a few years ago, and it was damn hard to make them believe you then and they have got more strict with claims now, so seek help from CAB

get a solicitor, let them deal with it, you should get legal aid as you are not earning much. Good luck.

BeautyBreak H

mad cat
talk to a lawyer there is something to were if he moved out the house -----------------------, let them explain it to you i'd hate to tell you wrong, my daughter friend stay'd in the house bought a house for him self now,,,,,,, advice make him pay you half the house note in check or money order to show he is paying you rent try if you can to split the rent and keep your receit talk to a lawyer soon,as you can

i have no girlfriend please think about me my e-mail is open.........

You need to speak to income support. he will have to help support you and they may only help with half the bills as he is resident in the same house, Have you heard of gingerbread which is for lone parents. They offer help and advice. Local groups also do trips adn things to help you get some social life back

Steve D
Get some advice from the Citizen's Advice Bureau. It's expensive getting an eviction order although if you qualify for legal aid that might help. Might be easier to move out but get advice first and make sure that the rent book is no longer in your name nor any of the utilities.

need a bf , let me know... just give him sometime and after he sees you going out with other guys he will change his mnd WATCH...

I bet you initiated the separation. Try the benefits office.

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