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I have the hots for my boss but we're both married!!?
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I have the hots for my boss but we're both married!!?

I have been hot for him since day 1 and almost 4 years later i still get flustered when it's just me an him and what's worse is that he kind of knows it. I just don't know what I should do because I know what I would like to do but I don't think it would be smart.

Keep your panties on and get banged by your husband. Get some pitcures of your boss and use them when you need to have "fantacy" time by yourself. Leave the job and blow your husband regularly.

Colleen O
I suggest you never act upon your "crush" if you want to keep your job. Because even if HE reciprocates he CAN fire you if other's catch wind of it (and believe me others do catch wind of it)

If you love your husband leave the boss alone.

Don't act on it. You will both regret it. Avoid being alone with him. Hope your husband doesn't see this or you'll be in trouble.

Grow up and get your focus back on work! I disagree with a few others who said you should quit your job. Don't quit your job because you could go to a different job and run into the same thing. You need to handle this professionally and immediately. If your boss knows that you are infactuated with him, you have obviously sent those signals. Send the right signals to him and emphasize that you are married. Wear your wedding ring, put a picture of your husband on your desk, bring cards that he's given to you and put them on your desk. YOU - need to draw the line right away on Monday and make it known that you are not availble. How would you feel if your husband had someone like you working for him? I think you know the real answer already.

I would get a different job!

dont cheat on ur husband

You my dear, have answered that yourself. It certainly would not be smart. How about livening things with the man you've got.

Why not! you only live once and having love in your life is great. I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt or possesive but, if you can have a little happiness in this world i see no reason not to.

I have done the sleeping with my boss, I have sleeping with my colleuge. And trust me, the moment you lips touch and you physically connect, the fun flirting will no longer be there, it will be an awkward nasty atmosphere. I had to leave my last job, Not only that, if anything happened it could destroy both your marraiges! Surely a fling on the office table isn't worth it?
I'm not saying don't flirt because I'm a born flirter, but you have to know where your boundaries are, especially when you have a husband and he has a wife.

Would you want husband cheating on you?Flirting is ok,but you are out of line,and should be ashamed.Quit your job if you think you will loose control with this boss.REPENT.

Autumn's Mom
dont cheat on your husband. don't put yourself in to compromising situations.

If he is not from the fire department , don't batter .
What you are thinking to do might have work then. But today after 4 yrs, might have different tase.


I would get another job and start fresh. Don't cheat on your husband and ruin what you have with the love of your life for someone you have the hots for. You will hurt yourself and others in his mess!

If your husband was in your position, what would you want him to do? DO THAT!!

Rein in your hormones, sweetie... it's just lust. If we all went after men we found attractive, we would all have round heels. If you respect your marriage, keep your feelings to yourself.... just like the rest of us do. Toooo many people get hurt in affairs.... don't be one of them who does the hurting. OR, if you hots are too great, divorce your husband so he can find a lady worthy of of trust, admiration and respect, and become a bed hopper.... simple.

Start looking for another job and separate yourself from this temptation because sooner or later something it's going to happen. You will regret it for the rest of your life. You will tear 4 people apart for sure, mentally and physically,not counting any children and any other loved ones. You made marriage vows to your husband to forsake all others. If you are having marriage problems, try to get them fixed. If they aren't fixable, then do the right thing, and get a divorce. But don't cheat--you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Change jobs, before you are tempted into something stupid.
You are playing with fire, here--and SOMEBODY is going to get burned.

you need to leave the "HOTS" as to being just the "hots"....the worst thing to do is to get involved with your boss...not to mention, it could ruin your marriage and your career...think about it.

lol haha I have had the hots for other women, other than my wife and I have gotten into alot of trouble because of this. Whatever you do, don't let your spouse know about this, because you can get into alot trouble. But once in a while, I give permission to my wife, to do whatever she pleases. I am not a jealous guy.

Captain S
You're right, it wouldn't be smart at all. So what you're left with is a nice fantasy to sustain you in your private thoughts and nothing else...that's as far as it could or should go.

You are married but it's okay to look. Unfortunately, you've already stated that you want to jump his bones and that's not good for either of you. I'd suggest finding another job if you can't control yourself or get a divorce. Don't do anything you'll regret later.

The answer you need it's already in your question. You aren't smart at all if you continue to harbour infatuation him.Know your position and count your cost. Set your priorities right, don't cross the boarder and keep it clean as you did 4 years ago.

It just wouldn't be fair to his wife if you did make a move on him. Put yourself in the her place and show restraint. There are planty of single men who are available to you. Keep in mind men are weak when it comes to women so you have to really fight to stand the high ground and do the right thing.

that judi
Feelings are one thing....ACTING on them is another... what if your hubby was hot for someone at his job?? Act like an adult and accept that it woud be a HUGE mistake any way you slice it.

how about what you should NOT do? he's married and off limits. your married and off limits. office romances never end well and an office romance with your boss would be disastrous...and you have to remember theres always the chance his or your spouse will find out and I promise you your job will end when the romance does.

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