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I hurt my wife(feelings) what to say to make it better?
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I hurt my wife(feelings) what to say to make it better?

I upset my wife of nine years so much that she may leave me. What i did * Supposed to finish work at 12pm then go for quick beer with co workers * Got off early and came home *Co workers knock off and call me to join them * went out with 4 coworkers, one of them female *Everyone else went home early it was just me and her left, the bar closed and we went to her house for a j *got home 6am My wife is obsessed with the idea i cheated on her slept with this girl etc. She said even if i did not sleep with the girl ( i did NOTHING ) that i was so innappropriate (i am 27 the girl is 19) That we shouldnt even be hanging out its not normal. She says i am married with kids now and haning around with 19 year old girls till; 6am is just not OK. I understand that she is upset but to me its like hanging out with any other co worker what to say to fix this i keep getting in more trouble. Ok people i know i was wrong please help me know what to say to convince her i did not cheat.I don't want to lose her

Annette P82
To be honest your wife is right, you had NO buissness going to this girls house when you had a wife at home waiting for you. Lets turn the tables; Your wife goes out w some friends and leaves w a man to go to his house. What would you think of this?? I am pretty sure you would be upset, am I right? There may be nothing you can say to mend things for now. You might just want to not say anything else until SHE is ready to talk. Because weather you slept w this girl or not, you should have never gone to her house. Period. I wish you luck my friend

How about you start with giving up smoking pot, as this is what really got you into trouble. You should have just gone home. If you really did nothing she'll get over it. The other problem may be that she feels she's getting old and you'll be looking for someone younger. Reassure her you were just stupid, and it's her you want to be with.

At this point there is nothing you can say to her. It will be your actions from now on that will hopefully convince her that you didn't cheat. You will have to apologize over and over til you are sick of it. Unfortunately she may never believe you didn't cheat. You have a long road ahead and a lot of work to put into your marriage. I suggest you go to counseling the biggest reason why you should is because you are 27 yrs. old are married with kids and instead of spending your extra time with them you went out drinking with your buddies and stayed out til 6am with a 19 yr old woman. Okay, I do have a suggestion of what to say (may not help) tell her you are sorry for hurting her so much say again that you didn't cheat and that you are a selfish, juvenile idiot and I was only thinking of myself and getting drunk and high and then ask her what you can do to make it up to her. It would be best if you brought up the counseling first. From now on you need to go home immediately after work and no going out with you coworkers ever again unless your wife is with you.

Wooooowwwww. Words aren't going to fix that, better get your butt kissing gear on.

Hekayat / Ask Nagwa
If you really want to make her love you. And be happy from you. Then, take her to a vacation and make her very happy in it. And if you have children, then keep them with the grandparents, or anyone else that you can trust. And also, keep bringing her big presents, and make for her surprises every while. Good luck!

wow that's not OK. it's very acceptable for her to be upset right now, and don't expect her to let this go easily. so wrong... but you need to come up front and tell her she's right about everything, that you were disrespectful and it is quite inappropriate. I would cut down on going out for awhile and perhaps steer clear of GOING TO 19 YEAR OLD GIRLS HOUSES WERE HER PARENTS HOME TOO??WTFFFF whew...OK. i'm sure you didn't come here to get yelled at by moree women. but i hope you can fix this!

The problem is you didn't just hurt her feelings...You hurt her trust in you...You should feel more than sorry...You were wrong, you had no business out with a woman past the time when everyone else went home...If you didn't cheat on your wife I will be surprised...I don't trust you either...

The only way is that your wife has to do the same thing to you and then we can talk

just by reasing this makes me ANGRY i can believe you did that.. dont you have common sense? do you have any respect towards your wife? come on, why would you do that? your party life is over, you should know that. if you feel like you wanna have a good time, then you should include your wife. i guarantee you that if that girl would of wanted something else, something would of happend..... why would you jeoperdized your marriage.... i dont understand man!!! you guys are all the same..

Julie S
It was completely and inexcusably inappropriate for you to (1) not keep your word, (2) to close the bar with this "girl" and (3) to go home with this "girl". If you do not get this- your wife should leave you as relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. Hanging out with this girl is not like hanging out with any other co-worker... you are a married man. If you love your wife you should seek professional help for yourself.

if my husband did that he would never hear the end of it. plus he would be out the door. and your are the only one that can really fix it because you was the one that done it.

You knew it was wrong but you when ahead and did it anyways. Lets Suppose the tables had turned and you were home while she went out with a couple of girlfriends and one guy and left the bar with him to his house. What would you have done??

I dont know how you are going to fix this.But she is right.And you did not just go out with this 19 year old co-worker.The bar was closed,and the party was over.Everyone else had went home so you should have too.here was NO need to go to her house for ANY reason.

Christie Brucks
tell her she is 100% right that it was inappropriate, and that you made a wrong decision, although you didn't cheat. tell her it will never happen again. make sure it never does.

Dear....she trust you. Its that 19 year old twit she doesn't trust. Moral of the story...drugs are bad!!

your wife is right. if you had any respect for her you would not have gone home with any woman no matter what her age. put yourself in her shoes.

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