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I just found out my boyfriend has a wife and they just had a baby? What should i do? (other than the obvious)?
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I just found out my boyfriend has a wife and they just had a baby? What should i do? (other than the obvious)?

of course dump the guy. What a douche...and i would let the wife know. She deserves to know what a skeez this guys is. Once she knows, she can do what she wants with him.

Definitely tell his wife

You should break up with him. Tell him he NEEDS to tell his wife you two have been dating or else you will.

you shouldnt tell his wife as he has just had a baby and would tear the whole family apart
talk to him about your opinion and give him a warning
after you give him warning and he still carrys on then you should tell wife
for the time being stay out of his way

great gig in the sky
Throwing all his stuff out the window onto the lawn would be a good start. A burning barrel and some gasoline will burn it up very well.

expose him. Write a letter and tell the wife everything. Include any evidence you have, because she will want to believe that you are lying.

It's the wrong thing to do but it will make you feel very vindicated ;)

Don't tell the wife, but don't tell him either, but kick his butt to the curb.
You don't for any reason owe him an explaination, so don't even give him a chance to lie to you more.
You deserve better.

just move on---and let him live his life with wifey and baby

u are the bigger person here...not a scumbag like him

Well I dont know "DUMP HIM"stupid obviously you were the mistress and nobody stays with their mistress.

Cut the crotches out of all of his pants and dump him!!!!!

Say bye bye, quick before there are any more babies in the picture. You deserve better.

move the hell on, please he is not trust worthy

Tell his wife, don't give him the chance to do it again with someone else. She has the right to know, especially now that they have a baby together and will have to put up with each other for the next 18 years (at least).

daljack -a girl
There is no "other than the obvious"......you leave him alone and move on.

There's is nothing else for you to do....and you got a gift by not being involved with a liar and a cheater now.

I would definitely show up at her doorstep and lay it on the line for her. I would want to know myself! What a loser. Sorry that happened to you! :(

beat hi up and then break up with him. do the same thing they did in john tucker must die. that would ne funny.

I would ask him why he failed to tell you about his wife and new baby...but then I would immediately end the relationship and not have contact with him again. I dated a man once who was married but did not tell me about it, did not wear his wedding ring...and then he admitted it after we had kissed and I felt so wronged. I never went out with him again.

the ultimate lacrosse player
his poor wife.
poor you.
what a scumbag.
send him back to his wife, you dont wanna be the other woman

dump him well if you are smart do that don't be stupid.

dump him (that's the obvious part) and tell the wife she deserves to know id want to know

Dump him, tell his wife, what else is there??

Mr. Smooth
The only thing you can do is end that relationship immediately.

my alias
talk to his wife about her cheating husband. Be prepare to cry and make it look like he fooled you.

Almost a Mommy
well...the obvious is what you should do...DUMP HIM...GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE...he just lied to you...you really want to be with a man who lied to you about being married...who did that to his wife..and his baby?...you gotta lot of questions to answer for yourself.

well i guess you should have got to know him better!!!!And get the hell out!!!!

First, stop referring to him as your boyfriend. Second, remove yourself from the situation.

tell his wife he is cheating!

Send him back to his wife and let him be her problem from now on.

( Kelly )
I would tell his wife. She deserves to know what kind of man she married.

Wouldn't YOU want to know if your husband is cheating on you?
I sure as hell would. I wouldn't want to waste my time on someone who had someone else on the side.

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