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I need and want to get a divorce but do not know where he is...can i get divorced?
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I need and want to get a divorce but do not know where he is...can i get divorced?

I have been separated for over seven years but have not seen my husband ever since, I need to get a divorce and the time i contacted him finally he was very rude and immature and did not want to hear about signing the divorce papers...he actually told me to get a divorce from him without needing him...can i do that?? i want to get a divorce so that i can get on with my life and get married to my boyfriend, whom I just had a baby with and he wants to do things right but I have the problem that my husband does not want to do his par i even told him i'd pay for it since we do not have kids or anything to split but he does not want to...i do not know where he is at all and have no way of knowing and am willing to pay for the divorce, does anyone know if it can be done and about how much can it cost?

how did you contact him?? go see an attorney it depends on who you go to the cost but they can run it in the paper so many days and poofff your free.good luck

Sounds like a pretty clear-cut case of abandonment. In this case, you may be able to just go to the courthouse and pick up the divorce paperwork, fill it out yourself, get it notarized, and file. For a bit more money, an attorney can advise you on how to proceed.

You can get a divorce on the grounds of abandonment. You really should see a divorce lawyer as you will get all the information and advice you will need. If they can locate him, and with a private detective you can find him, he even may have to pay for your divorce, but that is something that only a divorce lawyer can advise you of. That is the only way you can rid yourself of this guy and get on with your life.

Go through your local Legal Aid agency and do some research online. You may be able to even file without an attorney. You will need his last known address and they can try to serve him, then you will have to put a public notice in the local paper (at your expense). You will also have to pay filing fees and court costs if you do it yourself (not going through and agency) and that depends on where you are located. But you can find out those fees by calling the local courthouse/clerk. Best of luck!

In the US there are ways of filing for divorce without one spouse present. If you know where your ex lives, you need to have him served with the divorce papers. If he doesn't answer you within a specified amount of time (in my state it's 20 days) the judge grants the divorce. If you don't know where your ex lives, some states require you to make a good faith effort of finding him and then "serve" the divorce papers by placing a public notice in the newspaper. All it should cost is the filing fee. In my county in Florida it's $408.

yes it can be done without him being in the picture all you need do is post something to the effect that you are getting a divorce from the named person they have so many days to reply, you can try to get the Sheriff to serve them the papers and if they can not find then there is the other way but mostly all you need is someone that knows your situation and they can testify that you have not been with the person for such and such a period of time and your divorce is granted

my ex brother in law filed against my sister who was MIA.he told the courts he didn't know where she was.and in the end she never showed up and he got everything.with you it should be similar if not easier since you've been separated for a long time.

If you are in the U.S. you can probably get a divorce. It's done by "serving him" through the newspapers. The petition gets printed a certain number of times and if he doesn't respond with legal papers of his own, you can be divorced. Go to Legal Aid and ask about this.

yes, he has abandoned the marriage, that is the term they use i believe, depending on the state you live in. all you have to do is tell the attorney you want a no contested divorce and the details you told us. He'll do the rest.

Yes It Can be done without him....but i dont know how much it will cost, im sure if you do some research you can find out.

box of rain
Yes. There is someone who knows what to do and how much it costs. That person is called an attorney.

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