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I stole my wife's diary and read that she had been cheating me all this time- how will I confront her ?
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I stole my wife's diary and read that she had been cheating me all this time- how will I confront her ?

Ms. Lovett♥
With a handful of divorce papers. Seriously. You don't cheat on someone you love- no exceptions.

Sorry your wife is such a ho. God bless.

EDIT: Go with Nikki's suggestion.

leave her diary on the table

and see what she says, BUT remember women some times write stories in their diary's NOT always the truth


I know I do

Why confront her? Why not just leave?

Iron What?
When you snoop you should prepare for the worst. It's kinda poetic, a pay-back for snooping in the first place. If you really are married get some legal advice first. Others have said a diary isn't real proof and it isn't, you need more. Wait until you have facts before you inquire.

My Evil Twin
Are you going to confront her, or are you going to admit you invaded her privacy by stealing and reading her diary?

Take her to a nice resturant. Make sure that she gets all dressed up, act normal, and in the middle of the meal say so you've been cheating on me and politely slide the diary across the table.

apparently you both did wrong. you stole her diary. if you had reason to distrust you should have confronted her. you guys honestly have trouble with going behind each other's back. that is something that needs to be worked out, if possible. confront her, tell the truth about how you know, she'll turn it around cuz you stole her diary. admit you were wrong to steal it but it doesn't negate the fact that she's been cheating on you. (she'll be nuts because you've apologized first and it'll put her on the defensive!) be prepared for what she has to throw at you (it's your fault, etc.) above all stay calm (hard, but also drives us women nuts!!)

holy ****.
yeah, that was stupid of her.
well,seeing as it IS her diary, you ougtta know details such as how she's been feeling about the whole situation.
that is extremely valuable.
you'll be able to see how things went in her head,and determine how you'll confront her using that.
you can use that information against her even, if you wanted to...

My solutions.
#1... Counseling... if the marriage is worth it.
#2... Divorce!
I guess you wouldn't have read it if you weren't suspicious. Right? Well you have to tell her about it and let her know that you know. It probably isn't going to be pretty because you betrayed her trust. < That is what she is going to say. I'm sorry that you had to find out this way.
How was your relationship going when she cheated??
How long has this been going on? How long have you been married????
Were you two on thin ice when she cheated?
Or what?
Still not acceptable on her part!!!!!!

just browsin
TK is right. You have the benefit of preparing for this. See a lawyer whether you are planning on divorcing or not. Weigh your options. Once a cheater....always a cheater.

Mickey V
Dont do that!!!

Dude get caught cheating on her, then use the diary at that time.

Let her freak out, call you names, threaten to hurt you, then just lay it on her......smooth rider.

Then pack your stuff and roll out.

throw the diary at her and ask her WTH is this, and then pack up and go to divorce court

Christopher Michael
I hate to say it but you already messed up. The diary is personal and no matter what you say now, she'll throw that up in your face. She'll feel more validated. All I can suggest is now that you know its happening find some other form of proof. You know what she does now look for the clues and then you'll be validated. If you simply say you read her diary and you know she'll say that you never trusted her and it was dissrespectful. Diaries arent valid in a womans court. It gives them cause. Watch her and find a less intrusive form of proof and then confront her. Dont jump the gun. It would be a mistake.

Go to her and say, I read in your diary that I stole because I was suspicious of your behavior and found you were cheating on me. I am an idiot, what can I do to please you honey? Don't every confront your mate, PLAN. Be calm; maybe it was your fault she cheated. Women DO cheat more than men we just don't get caught.

Woa woa! Before you make a rash action think of some possible consequences. She might have been using that as an act of trust. Trust for you to not go into her diary. If I were you I would hire a PI and "Leave" Town for about three days. Then see what turns up.

How to confront her? With the diary....open....in one hand, and signed papers for divorce in the other.

Unless you thing it is possible she was just fantasizing...the plot of a romance novel she planned to write.

You won't, you will look at yourself and understand that you are a loser to read anothers diary. No wonder she is cheating on you, just be happy she hasn't dump you to the curb already, for now you can still get an occasional romp in the sack.

mr. y
i wouldnt say a thing,i would just leave.unless your trying to stay with a cheater.and when you do confront her she will probably turn the whole thing around and blame it on you.

Take the diary to your lawyer, get the divorce papers filled out and then hand both the papers and the diary to her.

I'd throw it in her face (literally).

You're in between a rock and a hard place. She may have just written that in her diary to make you crazy, you know you shouldn't read private stuff. So, just go on as normal, be nice and make an extra effort to romance her. If it's true, her real feelings will come out. Or you can get a PI to follow her.

Go see a lawyer about a divorce. Then, tell her you read her diary, and before she can say anyhting else, hand her the divorce papers.

Well, you could just walk up to her, throw her diary in her face and leave. Or ask her about it. Because obviously you have to admit to reading her diary because you wouldnt know any other way. Maybe she's writing a book?

♥Gotta Luv Pure Evil ♥
Well who cares right? She cheated so tell her u know and tell her how u know then tell her to get lost!

Who cares how u found out the point is u found out. U must have had a concern about it to go snooping so do what u gotta do. Confront her w/ the diary!

Love the green hair btw...nice!

don't wives get pretty mean when they find out that husbands been putting nose on diaries

How do you know she wasn't just using her imagination? You need more proof than a diary.

"The bachelor" has a wife? Spoof question. Stop wasting our time.

Speak to your divorce attorney first. Then you'll be well prepared to confront her.

Good luck.

glenn h
um just give the diary to her and ask her if theres something that she needs to tell you

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