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I think my husband don't love me no more, but I am afraid to ask.?
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I think my husband don't love me no more, but I am afraid to ask.?

Sometime I think He is cheat ting on me it could be in my head.I don't know anymore I need help

Lady A
If your intuition tells you he's cheating then he is. What you need to do, is start planning your future without him. Start by taking money from him and putting it away without him knowing about it. Buy new furniture, curtains etc,etc., using his money and rent yourself a storage unit. and store all your new stuff in it. Don't bother about pleasing him any longer; be indifferent 'cause no matter what you do, you cannot make him love you. (He's going to wonder about you) Don't you let the other woman take what belongs to you and your children, if you have any.

If you are afraid to ask your own husband if he loves you, then you've got problems. You shouldn't be afraid to ask him anything. And that includes knowing if he's cheating on you. If he says no, but you are sure he is, then it's up to you to find out whether he is or not. Trust your feelings..only you know your husband, and what his daily routine or schedule is. Good luck.

do not be angry be better
The best thing to do is just ask! It may hurt if your fears are true but at that same tim, wouldn't you rather know now instead of in ten years?

Plain Truth
You need to observe & check on him very closely. Most probably a woman's 6th sense is accurate

Follow your heart and you will know

Becca R
you should like do sneaky stuff like, go rent your self a hotel. Or go out and have a nice dinner with yourself or girlfriends. send yourself flowers. do things that will make him think you are seeing other people but your really not. it will wake him up.

Didn't give us much details-but you shouldn't be afraid to ask-he's your husband and you should be able to talk with him. You're going to make yourself crazy until you do ask-so muster up some strength and ask-you may not like the answer but at least you will know.

Well, don't bother to ask cause it's not like he is going to say "yes, hon, I AM cheating on you" The nest thing you can do is focus on yourself and making sure you area doing the right things in your life. If he is cheating, it will all come out in the wash and you can deal with it at that time. Worrying about it isn't going to change the past or prevent the future, it's just going to drive you crazy.

Can you add some details like how he has changed and if you have changed too? Just what is he doing that makes you think he may be cheating?

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