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I want to do something special for my wife but i have no idea what to do?
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I want to do something special for my wife but i have no idea what to do?

I don't give my wife enough credit for what she does. Our kids are 2,4,6 and 4 months old, she's been very busy and hasn't taken any time to do anything for herself lately, I was thinking of sending her to a spa for this weekend and I take care of the kids but that could be a disaster I mean our kids are a little crazy I love em but it is what it is. I love my wife and she deserves the best of everything and I want to give her something to show her that I still love her and my feelings haven't changed for her and never will. Would a new wedding ring be fitting? Or give her a few days away from the craziness of our household?

A new wedding ring would always remind her you care also on top of that you should send her to a spa and take care of the kids or go to the spa with her and send the kids to a babysitter.

I agree with the others, hire a couple of sitters or take them to relatives and take the wife away for a weekend or even a night .. And don't expect "anything" in return. I don't know how much you help out at home, but if not much, help with the laundry, dishes, general cleaning, of course, a heart felt card telling her how much you appreciate her and a new ring is always fitting.

geez louise
You don't need to spend any money.....just let her spend the whole weekend in bed watching movies or reading or sleeping. Cook all the meals, change all the diapers, give all the baths, do all the laundry and dishes. Best present you can give her.

you are very considerate. bring her out for dinner, get her flowers and chocolates.

You could get her an eternity ring, its something your ment to give with the birth of your first child it means that you intend to spend eternity with her. they dont have to cost the earth and sit nice with the wedding ring. Also just getting her flowers, run a bath lighting candles and looking after the kids whilst she has an hour to soak would show her you care, also the fact that you struggled with the kids for an hour for her to do this will show her how needed as well as loved she is. I am vv jealous, and she is lucky to have you

Hire a sitter or drop the kids off at G-Moms. Give her the day at the spa. Have them replace her clothes with a dress,shoes and such you provide. A little black dress and high heel should do the trick. Have them do her hair and nails. Go get spiffed up yourself. Take her out for a very romantic dinner. Then off to a hotel for a bubblebath and some adult fun for the rest of the weekend. Drop the ring on her over breakfast the next morning.

mrs g4
Get a relative to watch the kids for a WHOLE WEEKEND. Then, take her to a hotel with all the luxuries, hot tub, pool, massages, breakfast in bed, the whole works! I was once a stay-at-home Mom of 3 kids under 5...if this had ever happened, we might still be married.

Do the dishes and the laundry! You'll make her happier than you can imagine!

Get a couple of sitters to ride herd and let her completely decompress; you sound unusually wise for somebody of your tender years.

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