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I want to go live with my mom after my parents divorce?
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I want to go live with my mom after my parents divorce?

yeah so my parents are getting a divorce, and i am 16 years old. I would rather live with my mother for a number of reasons, but who actually chooses who gets custody? I kinda dont want to tell my dad that i would rather live with my mom because i know that would hurt a lot. So what do i do? Do i even get a choice? If so, how should i break the news? How does this all work? lol its ok im not sad about the divorce. im happy alright but i live in ontario canada....not in the states lol

waiting for baby
just talk to your parents I am sure they will prefer for you to happy than unhappy and knowing what you want is a big +

Do you know who both lawyers are. Your opinion does carry alot of weight. Sit down and put all your feelings and whys on paper try to ensure you don't say anything that each parent could use against the other. Tell them how you feel and where you want ot reside and trust me the lawyers will ensure that you get what you want. Just mail it to thier firms they'll inform your parents or even ask them to keep your corospondence quiet for the your sake til the court date. Lawyers yes are thier for thier clients but in a way you are a client of thiers as well. SO speak up and if the lawers won't listen once a judge is asigned sent the judge your letter you can and will be heard.

A judge will usually ASK a teenager which parent they would like to live with. The judge will also take into consideration which parent can best support their child, such as staying in the same school district, their own bedroom, etc. Have you spoken to your Mom about your wishes? Have you asked if SHE would like you to live with her? Your parents may have already discussed this topic and you have nothing to worry about.

In no state can you CHOOSE where you want to live. You can address the court and the judge will take into consideration your preference, but if the court believes that it's in your best interest to live with Dad, then that's where you're going to go. There is no such thing as proving a mother unfit to be awarded custody. That is not only illegal to use as a burden, but a vicious rumor that still resonates amongst the uneducated. Edit: Same applies to Canadian laws.

Baby girl, pray. That is really all you can do because of your status (child), there is really not a lot you can do. It will be ok though. You will be fine. You will look back, years from now and see that you made it through it. Just think about it, 2 more years and you can be out on your own, with no worries. Hold on, it will be ok.

At your age you should be able to make the choice. Your dad should understand that being a teenage girl, you have a reason to be with your mother.

Depends where you live. If you're 16 in many states you can choose which parent you would like to live with.

Future Mrs. Hitchcock
You're 16, you get to choose unless your mother is unfit.

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