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If a man has a toothache when his wife was pregnant if he has one now and she isn't does he get one again.
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If a man has a toothache when his wife was pregnant if he has one now and she isn't does he get one again.

I just see that this man has Cheated on this woman. And now is back with another toothache and I am wondering if he got this other woman pregnant again. So please give me a answer I need one cause I really have this gut feeling something ain't right about this picture.

Catherine E: VT
What are you talking about? What does a toothache have to do with anything? A guy doesn't have a toothache because he got someone pregnant...he get's a toothache because there's something wrong with his TEETH. Buy the guy a toothbrush and send him to a dentist.

um are u trying 2 say he had like a sancha when his wife was pregnet. and if he still has one after words ,,well check his attitude towers you.. See if he used his phone and tries to hide something from you.

Hmm. This reminds me of the time a guy asked me if his wife had a cold, was that a sign that she was pregnant. =:^O

um . . . what? cheating & toothaches have nothing in common

Yay! thanks for the 2 points! you know your question makes no sense, right?

Let's talk basic anatomy here... there is no way that a man's toothache be caused by a woman's pregnancy... unless his wife popped him in the mouth for cheating on her.

yes it does.

try to rewrite your question ... it's not understandable.


I dont think you have anything to worry about.

what does a toothache have to do with cheating. sorry don't understand why and what you are asking?

WHAT? I don't get this at all. What does a toothache have to do with cheating?

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