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If a preacher won't marry someone b/c one of them is divorced... how do divorced people get married?
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If a preacher won't marry someone b/c one of them is divorced... how do divorced people get married?

Me and my fiance' asked our preacher to marry us and he told us it was against gods wishes b/c I was divorced. He had made a vow to marry only pure people or something like that. I haven't gone back to his church since.

Be smart. Become an atheist. According to recent studies, the most intelligent people in the world are atheists. Then, get married in the Office of the County Clerk or the Court where no religious effluent material is being perpetrated. Free yourself from superstition and manipulation of those who would enslave you with drivel and make you do their bidding. Freedom only comes with the elimination of religion. You have already gotten the message.

It sounds like you may feel offended that your pastor refuses to marry you, but please say a prayer asking for God to remove this hurt & unforgiveness from you

Your pastor's position in this day & age is one that isn't quite popular with the secular world but then again much of God's word is unpopular

Your pastor is correct in his choice not to marry you & your boyfriend because there are several places in the bible which state that

You having been married once & divorced have only one option to Reconcile with your Husband
You are not free to marry anyone else until your Husband has in fact passed away

Matt 5:31-32, Matt 19:1-9, Mark 10:5-11, 1st Cor 7:10-11 & 39,
1st Thes 3:3-4, 1st Tim 5:6-15, Heb 12:4

The Pastor doesn't want to go against what God in His word the Bible has directed
regardless of what the secular world & courts may say is ok...

Consider this when you have a chance -
visit this link a smal portion of which I'm copying & pasting here

"The following Saturday at 3:00 PM in Pastor Chuck's office,
Tom and Sandy thought they were getting married.
In truth, they were only attempting to legalize their adultery, because in the eyes of Almighty God,
each one already had a covenant spouse.
Tom even had a spouse who was praying and standing with God for the restoration of their marriage. "

I know that this answer may be kind of disappointing to you
but I'm at least hoping that you'll take the time to consider

that the pastor does deserve your respect

because he could have taken the easy way out & simply gone along with the secular world
but instead he chose to do the unpopular & follow what God's directed & he chose to not marry you & your fianace' &
stick to his vows to God to teach & preach God's word instead

Since you are chosing to get married
I'd advise that you go to the justice of the peace,
your town hall will have a list of them with their phone numbers available to you if you ask when you go there to get the paperwork for the marriage license
or you can look up the phone numbers in the yellow pages

I pray that you will prayerfully consider what the bible says & ask God for direction in your life & that your fianace' will pray also for what it is that the 2 of you should be doing & allow for God to direct your paths

There are preachers/pastors that will marry people that have been divorced. Especially if the divorced person was cheated on in the previous marriage. Read Matt 5:31-32. I hope that you find a pastor that will marry you.

God forgives. go find yourself anotyer preacher!

There are other preachers that will marry divorced people.If you can't find one,go find a justice of the peace and have a civil ceremony.It's just as legal.

find another church. God forgives, everyone else should too. You can easily find a preacher that will gladly marry the 2 of you...

go to vegas

Go to the justice of the peace or fly to Vegas.

That is so true. Its against gods wishes. The lord intends for you not to be married ever again. You know why? Because you spoiled the rich fruits of your loins, on some quick rushed $1100 wedding in your own backyard, not even a church for the Lords sake (god bless). Please Devil Woman Stop taunting us, dont go Morrow....

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