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If a woman has been married for 30 years , what are the chances she had an affair ?
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If a woman has been married for 30 years , what are the chances she had an affair ?

When she got married she was a virgin . Please no goody goody answers please !

i + i
goody goody

Infidelity is very hi. Ladies are better actors then us men. Odds are she did several guys.

slim to none

she is no different than any other human being cheating.

its not the years of marrriege that matters its the relationship that made her who she is today the chances for her cheating hmm thts not how problems are solved of a relationship this is not math equation or probability maybe such an approach is the one that can chase a person out of a marriege

Depends on the woman really. A woman in love usually won't cheat so to find out if she would cheat, look at her behaviour towards her husband. Does she smile a lot, do they kiss much, etc. However, 30 years is a long period and women are better than men at hiding their indiscretions so there's really no sure way of knowing.

Same as man whose been married for 30 years,50-50. Either she did or she didn't. Being a virgin when she got married has nothing to do with it.

The amount of time married is not a factor, it is the type of person the women is, if she is faithful she always will be, if she isnt the faithful type she may have many affairs throughout the time how ever long.

There are other factors to consider other than being married married for 30 years.

Vegas puts the odds of an affair at 12:1

Jack Daniels
If a Western woman, then 100% chance.

Sup Plicating
Probably about the same as a man that's been married 30 years and was a virgin when he got married.

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