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If my wife is mad with me should I respond?
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If my wife is mad with me should I respond?

One minute she loves me and is cuddling. next I say or do something and she says she hates me and wants to leave. It doesn't matter what I say or do, I'm wrong. Should I ignore her, shout, what?

Dr. Who
Sound like a female dog. Let her leave....you will be happier.

This isn't a marriage or relationship. Pack her things and send her on her way. You need a peaceful life. She is neither loyal or sane.

Have you heard of PMS pre menstrual tension many women go a bit off the rails when they are coming close to getting their monthly cycles. Hormones are a horrible thing that makes people especially women in their lives act very moody at times its not their fault. It has to do with chemical imbalance in certain area of the body especially our pituitary gland. When some women go through menopause they also can act irrationally and their moods go up and down. Your wife should go see her gynaecologist with you to see if she has this problem.

The most important thing in any relationship/marriage is communication. That is, effective communication. Sometimes men don't have a clue what we've done to get her mad, but if we have broken down the barriers that prevent effective talking, sometimes when they calm down, they will let you know. Often the best thing to do is ask them and shut up and listen. Life will be oh, so much more peaceful. LOL. That won't cost you nothing. I'm giving you that little tidbit on the house. Call it a gold nugget. Remember the shut up and listen part.

Ignore her tempter tantrum. Tell her that when she is ready to come talk, without insults, about the situation...you will be glad to communicate with her. But you will not respond to "i hate you" and "i want to leave"

You can also calmly tell her that if she wants to leave, she's free to do so.

Sounds like drama that nobody should be dealing with. Communication is key. I hate when some woman (people) don't communicate properly. If something is bothering her..she needs to come to you like an adult and tell you. Not play these mind games.

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