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If verbal abuse is grounds for divorce ..................?
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If verbal abuse is grounds for divorce ..................?

Then why is anyone still married? Especially women abuses us poor men? I have to point out that women nagging men is acceptable but its also verbal abuse isn't it?

Janet W
I personally wouldn't live in a house with nagging, and your right, it is verbal abuse. the bible says it's better to live on the corner of your roof top than to live in a house with a nagging woman. I know that nagging is usually the woman problem but in my case, I am very quiet and easy going and my ex spouse was the nag, my goodness, he never shut up and he repeated the same thing over and over for hours. It's awful.

If something makes you so unhappy and causes you enough stress and grief then make CHANGES, instead of complaining, take control, take action! People enjoy having their own self pity parties, and they enjoy these parties and play the victim constantly. Also don't forget misery loves company. People LOVE to focus on the problem, and rarely have a true interest in the solutions and the solutions are ALWAYS easy, for every problem, there is a solution, figure it out and enjoy figuring it out. Or keep throwing pity parties and get nowhere :)

Jamie Terrell Green
I separated from my husband a year ago due to verbal abuse..It makes us feel belittled and shows lack of respect..If your wife verbally abuses you as well then it is no different. Not all women are like that! If you constantly disrespect your partner then to me it is grounds for divorce..We want to be married to our Best Friend and be treated the way you want to be treated..Its very rare that you can have a friend and abuse them like that and they stay your friend..Being married is no different. When you lose that friendship with your spouse, then you eventually lose everything...

I don't care what anyone says, most people get verbally abused at some point. We have all had someone in our lives say either of the following things to us: shut up you annoy me you talk too much you're a liar you're full of sh.. etc, etc... It's common....TO A DEGREE.

Good point! I think verbal Assault is what everbody experiences.....verbal abuse is different. verbal assult may be a once or twice thing and you appologize and move on. Verbal abuse is constant!

No, that's why God gave our hands a back.

Just Mee
It's not all women. Men do it too!

its the chicken and egg scenario ,who started it etc etc

Poor men, more like dumb men!!! Why stay with someone who does not treat you right? whether its a man or women!!!

I married a woman who does not verbally abuse me. I recommend the same for everyone who will listen. Pearl: What, are we sharing a brain today? Lol.

Dont assume everyone else is the same just because you chose unwisely. ADD Happy, I've got PMS lol, whats your excuse?

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