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If your spouse was incarcerated, by being a Christian, how would U handle the situation? would U leave R stay.
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If your spouse was incarcerated, by being a Christian, how would U handle the situation? would U leave R stay.

that is a "for worse" but not an offense worth leaving over. the person who would need me most in that situation would be my spouse. i truly believe that spouse would be extraordinarily good to me after i stood by them, i would have been tested in the fire and come out of it stronger. this is the stuff of the true christian faith.

love is, from a christian standpoint 1st Corinthians chapter 13.

leaving is really easy in our disposable society....staying shows true character that will be honored by all.

Who is doing the incarceration and where?

I agree with Tammy Wynette: "Stand By Your Man".


I'd stay depending on what he did. Rape or murder for kicks, I'd bolt.

I say stay, but if he does it again, its time to leave

Eye of Sauron
I think that would depend on what the spouse did. If it was something that was a totally intolerable action, then I could not stay. I. E. -- Rape, child abuse, cold-blooded murder, etc.

What did you say in your vows when you got married? Who did you say those vows to? Was God there? You gotta do what you gotta do, but you gotta answer for it eventually too.

If hes ur man and u love him u wouldnt have to ask a question like this, u would knw in ur heart that u should stay.. remember ur wedding vows say in good times and in bad, thru thick and thin.. thru the worst of times and the best of times...do whats in ur heart

Fairy Tale
Why he was and how long is his time .Christian or not , if he killed or rape , I'd get a divorce . You don't say why he did .Did he hurt you ? He's there for a reason and the answer would need more information about the situation .

What does Christianity have to do with anything? Judge it based off of his crime. Is his crime any indication he may hurt or your family? How long is he in for? Are you willing to wait that long for him?

why do i?
was he incarcerated for being Christian? where do you live? saudi arabia? or are you a christian? as long as he didn't commit some violent crime, stay, honey.

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