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Im getting a divorce after 6 months of marriage, how do i go about it?
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Im getting a divorce after 6 months of marriage, how do i go about it?

I got married a little over 6 months ago and we are now getting a divorce. A friend told me that because we have been married less then a year we dont have to get a divorce we get something else but I have no idea what she is talking about was wondering if anyone could help. Thanks

If you don't qualify for annulment then you can get a simple, uncontested divorce. You can get everything you need to prepare and file your own uncontested divorce at - http://www.legalformsbank.biz/uncontesteddivorceforms.asp - plus you can learn more about the procedure there.

She may be referring to an annulment however you need legit reasons to annul a marriage, the length of time has very little to do with it. Most judges will not allow an annulment if you've been married more than a year, however your marriage has to "qualify". The reasons vary by state but are usually: incest, polygamy, duress, fraud, mental illness, or lack of consummation. If your marriage does not fall under any of those, you'll need a divorce.

Way to stick with it!! Quitters rock.

Mum of1
Its called an nulment - where the marriage become void - which means that it no longer a legal marriage and never happened in the eyes of law and can re-marry in a church again in future.. this choice be more better for u and dont have go through a divorce - so when telling people can simply say never been married and choice to forget about this mess.. wouldnt b found out either as not made legal anymore.. sorry ended so soon - goodluck and nxt time make sure its the right thing to do..

I'm sorry. You must be upset. Most good solicitors have free legal clinics where you can ge honest advice for free. The other way is to just separate and divorce when either of you really need to. That way you get your life back without the hassle. Good luck.

The friend may be talking of an annulment. Same thing. Divorce is just a legal agreement to dissolve the marriage. Agree to the conditions and file the papers and get it over with.

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