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Is a marriage worth fighting for when you just dont care anymore?
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Is a marriage worth fighting for when you just dont care anymore?

Im done, cant be bothered anymore, is it worth saving when there is no love nothing but fighting. hurt feelings, is it worth saving because you don't want to see it as a failure or do you just know when its time to move on

But getting to the bottom of why you don't care any longer is what you should be asking yourself. People just don't stop caring for no reason.... if you love the person your with then yes it is worth fighting for but it will take a lot of work & commitment. Things can work out but your heart has to be in it....Staying in a marriage because you don't want to look like a failure is not a good reason to stay when your unhappy so yes you should leave but for the right reasons.... If you know how to communicate then there should be no fighting and arguing and you should be able to compromise because that's what a partnership is all about...having respect for one another also helps a great deal..Any marriage can be saved but both hearts have to come together and want it to work...gl

There is absolutely no reason to spend your life miserably if you have the choice. Happiness is waiting to be found out there somewhere. Relationships do fail and staying with a partner in a marriage like you describe will only make you, your partner and any children unhappy.

When you just don't care anymore it's time for a divorce. Life is too short to be miserable. Marriage should enrich your life..... not burden it. I left my husband when I didn't care anymore. It was the best thing I ever did. Finally I am myself again and I'm living a wonderful, blissfully happy life now. Go out and find your perfect life.

there was a point in my marriage where we both reached breaking point and ALMOST seperated. then 7/7 happened and he was stuck on a train for hours and i couldnt get hold of him and went absolutely beserk - it was on that day that i realised how much i care for him, when we saw each other that day, all our hurt and fights that had been going on for months just vanished in thin air and we have never looked back since. and today, 5 years on, i am really really really happy that we did not seperate then, and throw away everything we had together... i am sure even if 7/7 had not happened, something else would have made me realise that he is the man i have always and will always love. at the end of the day, it is all about love. if you really truly love someone, you will rise above your own ego and resolve the situation, because what you have with that person is too precious to throw away. good luck with whatever you decide.

When you're sick and need surgery...do you sit around trying to figure out how to cut yourself? No...you go to a doctor. If you marriage is sick and needs some surgery, are you going to just start hacking away, hoping you'll hit the mark? No...you go to a marriage therapist. I highly recommend you use a Christian service, btw. I've known many therapists who excel at breaking up marriages that could have been saved. You need outside help. There is no curing this from the inside. Find a good professional and get the help you need. Don't give up on your marriage. Any divorcee can tell you they have big regrets.

To have been married in the first place, there must had been something there. You may have forgotten it. The fight lays with trying to find that spark. Marriage should only end when you know for certain that it can not work, like in the case of abuse.

Tia M
if you see my message,please read and answer me.i just post it minutes ago.it is the same question as yours.But I had to put up all the story drama to help readers see what bothers me.I have to say your question just sum up my feelings.this morning I even say it out loud to myself I AM DONE WITH THIS NONSENSE.of marriage.I never had pain and suffering in my life before getting married,I really think I would have never experience some of the s* if I stayed out of this what we called marriage.but you know what ?this man his my first love,come to marriage never had a boyfriend before.this is all i know.So now what make hard for me to just call for Divorce big time is the idea that I will forever looked at as a failure.Therefore i am holding on but really i am am just married to the idea of being married.the rest is hurt,pain,and tears. Good luck to you.I will say consider taking some time off ,talk to him and the two of you can agree a mutual separation .To see from a distance just how much you still need one another and decide if Divorce is truly the solution to whatever issues you are having.May be thy still some hope trough counseling,prayer who knows .seek out all option before calling it out best luck

Try as you might you just can't get blood from a stone. If it's your pride that's stopping you, get over it and end your relationship now. Do not consider it a failure but a love tried and lost.

Rod K
Marriage is worth saving specially if you are really in love when you started. Love is different from feelings. Some people are too emotional just for the sake of it. I mean , small problems must have small emotional tension. Each partner must forgive each other failure, discuss it and move on. It is hard to move on without resolving differences. If you think that part of the problem of the problem is friction (hot discussion instead of hot bed) then problem is pride and communication.Marriage counseling definitely will help.

Depends on if you lose more staying or losing more if you go. Sounds like your ready to call it quits. It is time to move on when you see no way out of the pain and misery that the relationship causes. There is counseling but it only works when you want to save the marriage. Sounds like you might be passed that point. Be aware, when it gets to that point some people sabotage the relationship quicker to either get over with sooner or give further reasons to end it. Good luck to you

Have you tried living apart for awhile? I'd try that first to see if both of you are really emotionally tired of each other. Don't think that everyone else's marriage is free of arguing. Is the fighting really worth it? Is it the type of fighting where it can be resolved by you giving in to him?

I think you just answered your own question there. If you don't care anymore, whats the point? I was with a guy for three and a half years and finally ended it in October. I didn't see it going anywhere (marriage or children) and felt like I was wasting my time. We also fought all the time and just didn't get along. Sometimes its better to just cut your losses and move on.

Have you already thought everything through? As to why you feel it's done? Who will it affect? Is it to your benefit to stay or leave? What really took the love out of your marriage? If you have all the answers to these, then most likely you are ready....but I truly believe that every marriage can be saved if you had love at first. Hope you make the right decision that will be beneficial to you and to whomever is involved.... Best of Luck to you! please answer mine:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhrD6WUmcaQd7YGMwOJUHCPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081202013945AAuKGEL

if theres no love left then move on. If you had a car that kept breaking down eventualy youd get rid of it.

Never divorce.

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