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Is getting married one year after your wife passed away rushing it?
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Is getting married one year after your wife passed away rushing it?

Anybody have any input from any perspective?

chicago floater
how did she die? did you collect on her insurance?

It's not too early to move on with someone else and having a relationship. I think one year is fine. But as far as actually getting married, it may be better to just wait a bit more.

PS: Just curious: if you're planning to get married after 1 year, how long after your wife died did you actually find someone new? I mean, it must have been just a few weeks/ months after that?

Well, it IS rushing it. But some men just can't live without a woman around so it's also understandable. If you are the kind of guy who really needs a woman around, and you think you've found the right woman, then it might just be okay so long as you don't have children who object. Your children (if any) should take top priority. Assuming the kids are grown, get yourself a good lawyer to draw up papers so the kids don't lose their inheritance and go get married. Be happy again.

It is not unheard of for a man to remarry so soon. Is it wrong. I don't think so. But, if it is bugging you, then you need to give yourself more time. Men are not always as domestic as women, more so for husbands who have had a wife who has done everything for them. If you are agonizing over this, just to answer your question, no. Your not ready.

I think it is an individual decision. Everyone grieves differently. Just be sure you are marrying for the right reason, not just because you are so sad and lonely. You should remarry because you love the person deeply.

bob k
If you truly loved her it will take at least 2 years to go through the grieving process. Don't rush it.

Seems quick to me. Maybe your dad is worried about raising you (and your siblings?) on his own. My guess is thats part of the underlying reason he's remarrying so soon. You have every right to tell him that you're shook up about it, though. If you feel like it's disrespectful to your mom or that YOU aren't ready for another woman to live in your home, tell him that.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Just Want To B Me
That is something that not anyone but yourself can answer. There is no set time on proper grieving of any family member. The main thing is how you feel. Just don't rush into anything that you do not want to do.

all depends on the situation. Could be, yet might be ok.......

Your dad deserves to be happy. One year is not too soon. Your dad needs the company of a woman. It doesn't mean that he will ever ever forget your Mom. But he's entitled to be happy. He's just a guy just like you only older.

Mr. Ed
Some people will disapprove so you will just have to understand that some people will not like it. What matters is that you and your gf are ready then do it.

Am sorry but I think you are. I think you should wait at lest 2 maybe 3 years . For respect for your last wife. How can you find someone and know you want to marry them so fast? How did you know she is the one? I just do not understand. I know people who have done this and it dose not last. I understand you not want to be alone. But you needed to give your self sometime. But you do what you feel is right to you. only you know how you feel and know if you are ready or not. Good luck...

Elizabeth L
it really depends on the situation....however.....if you have children then YES it is too soon. They will need more time and they won't be ready for this step.

ashley m
are you sure that you aren't in a rush to replace your dead wife. maybe you are afraid of being alone. give it more time

seems kinda short to me, but people grieve different amounts of time, good luck to you

Most male widows need companionship and someone to fill that terrible void that the late wife left when she passed. I hope that this is the right woman for your dad and I hope she will be good to you.

Good Luck.

Peanut Butter
No, I dont think its rushing anything. It really dont matter what people think here, its your life. Dont worry, live your life and be happy. Good luck.

find and answer ti this.....

WHY are you getting married at all?

get drunk in solitary and then think about this...
It's the best way, specially coz you are confused right now.

∞ sky3000 ∞
Nope, it's not rushing it. It's probably too soon for you and I don't know what to say about that. I guess give your Dad's new wife the benefit of the doubt. Nobody says you have to love her right off or ever. But I would say, at least give her a chance to have a relationship and make the best it can be. Go at your pace and what ever is comfortable for you and don't accept pressure from anybody to feel anything other than what you feel. If that makes sence.

Yes. One year really isn't enough time to properly mourn the passing of a spouse.

I think so, my mother died and I couldn't image starting another relationship. How could he do that I was so over whelmed with pain for so long and hard it was the last thing on my mind. Its so not honoring your mom. He's trying to remove the pain by replacing your mom with someone else.

its difficultt o say, some people need the love of someone else sooner, it doesnt mean the partner has forgotten about the loved one, but has accepted you have to move on ....we all need to be loved

i think only you know the answer to that question

many men remarry shortly after the death of their spouse. this is especially true if your mother did most everything for your father. Talk to him hopefully he will understand your concerns and be able to explain his reason for marrying so soon

well i mean if u really love her
i guesss
i would wait just a little
but that's just me

As with everything in life, you should do things when they feel comfortable for you to do them.

If you were happy with your late wife, and being married brought you happiness, and you have found another woman who could bring that kind of happy contentedness back into your life, then no it's not rushing.
I love being married with all it's ups and downs I would not trade it for the single life, and if I died I would want my husband to find someone to be happy with as soon as possible. I would want him to live again, even without me. I don't think it is dishonoring in any way.

no its not rushing

Be very very sure this is the right one for you! There are a lot of good people, be sure she will treat you right.

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