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Is it legal for someone to hold someone's personal property?
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Is it legal for someone to hold someone's personal property?

My cousin's exboyfriend changed the locks on the house, leaving her and their son with no where to go. They have none of their personal belongings. Is it legal for him to keep them from their personal property, especially since the child is a minor? Does she need to get a court order to get her stuff back?

What she needs to do is call the Sheriffs Department and they will escort her to the house so she can retrieve her and her sons personal belongings. He can't keep her personal things.

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she can just call the police on him/

Call the Police Department to see if they can get the stuff back.

It sounds like an illegal eviction. She lived with him and unless he gave her a 30-day written notice, he could be in trouble for kicking her out. Also, he CANNOT hold her property. Tell her to take him to small claims court.

What a loser.

OJ thinks it is! ^ )

Q cumber
oh wow, maybe she shouldn't have been living with a man and having babies with him if she wasn't married to him.

She may want to re evaluate what kind of dumbasses she gets involved with in the future.

She needs to call the police but a warning to her, it will be all she can get out of the house in anywhere from 15-30 minutes and that is left up to the officers discretion!

Have her file a paternity suit, and ask for a mandatory injunction requiring him to give her her property, and asking for interim child support. Go to a lawyer now.

If her name is not on the deed or rental agreement. Yes she will need a court order to reenter the property to recive her stuff. Woman, learn a valuable lesson from this, if you shack up with some guy and you have kids you are causing yourself potential problems. At least get put on the deed or rental agreement so you won't be put out on the street by some guy.

She can call the cops. They will help her get her things out.

if they're not married, he really can't do that. tell her to go to the police.

The police wont do anything, they may convice him to let you in but they likely wont even try. You will have to go to small claims court but i would call the police first to show you tried.

If she was living there and he did this, she can call the cops and get them to escort her over there to retrieve her things.

Yep! She needs to call the city police to tell them what is going on so she can get their things. With the police there, they will stay while she gets their things to make sure there is no problems. She needs do to this ASAP for he wont go and do something with their things.

Keep it simple. Call a police officer and ask him to help. He'll let you know if you need to do anything else, as long as she has SOME proof she lives there.

No she do not need a court order to get her things out.. just have a officer there. The law says you cant kick a minor out the house.. he can go to jail for that.

Start first by calling the sheriff and seeing if they can go out there with her......there are laws that protect people - even if it's his place, if she resided there for any length of time, he can't just evict her like that (from what I've heard) --- a deputy can go there with her and I'll be you any money he'll oblige!!!

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No, it isn't LEGAL. You must make a police report RIGHT AWAY. Then you want to "arm" yourself with a lawyer who can help you retrieve your belongings. You don't have to go through this "trauma" all by yourself. If you can't afford a lawyer, then go to the "Legal Aid" place in your city. Don't ever be bashful and "ask" for what you want. No one can read your mind. What shall we then say to these things? If GOD be for us, who can be against us? - Romans 8:31. The Lord daily loadeth us with BENEFITS, even the God of our salvation. Selah. - Psalm 68:19. Peace, Love and God Bless.

It is illegal to keep another person's property. She will have to go to the local authorities to get her stuff back. It may take going to a civil court, but usually if a person shows up with the police, the holder will not stand in the way.

nope, furthermore if it is their child they could have serious consequences if the dept. of family servces found out about it.

It is illegal to change the locks and lock someone out of their place of residence without an eviction order. your friend should call the police and have them order the ex-boyfriend to let them back into the house. She can also go to court and ask for a protection order, which would require him to leave the house and stay away from them.

No she needs to have the police go to the house with her

Yes..she will need a court order, unless she is also on the lease agreement.

Randy G
What he is doing is called stealing, and yes, you can get a court to order the sheriff to come over and get your property.

First thing she has to do is go to the police report what he did. Depending on what state she lives and if the child is his the police and child services will help her.

But the first thing is report what he did. Make sure she does not take matters under her hand let the professionals do it.

Good luck

nurse ratchet
She can call the police and they will escort her over there so she can get their personal belongings.

Of course not!

No. She'll have to call the police to get her things. n

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