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Is it ok for a married man to text message another woman - for example "nice skirt"?
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Is it ok for a married man to text message another woman - for example "nice skirt"?

did that once! q black eye!!!!!!!!!!!!

no...cos it sounds like he is trying to flirt with her

No it is not ok because you are being unfaithful to your wife. Why would you want to flirt with anyone other than your wife? Marriage is support to be a very loving time for two people. So it is not ok to flirt with other women over the internet.

no how would u like your wife to text a man saying nice bulge,

Sean J
I don't see anything wrong with "nice skirt." Now, if it was, "Nice skirt, what's undernieth," that would be a problem.

dawn p
i would be mad at that , hes married and has no right to do that unless he wanted the other one .

no, be truthful your only trying to get into her knickers...

Yes i would you write that to someone other than your wife.

i am gay. and his wife knows. he is married and it's ok. for others it may not be. in my case, the wife doesn't care and after we chat, he goes home and gives her some lovin.

i personally think if hes doing this then he has going thatbit furthur on his mind be cautious if i were you

Not okay unless that woman's his wife! Even if he doesn't mean anything flirtatious by it, the woman might see it that way as well as other people. Not appropriate

depends, if you think your going to get somethink out of it then no.

I wonder how that very same married man would react to a text on his wife`s phone, saying something like. "Hey those trousers your wearing today are a mighty fine fit."

matt b
There is a fine line between this and what happens next. If this woman is single she's bound to see it as flirtation and as she is the forbidden fruit it'll all just be a little too temtping and a recipe for disaster. Spend your energy on complimenting your partner, when you have thoughts like this -text her instead. But if all you think about is every other womans skirt and a glimpse of paradise under neath then perhaps you're in your current relationship/marriage for the wrong reasons and either talk to her and tell her what it is you want from the situation or move on to something more to your taste

Sharon S
NO!! Unless its his wife. Why has he even got this girls number? It can only lead to trouble

Hell NO!

run away far away because he wants whats under your skirt.

I would say no, but it might depend on if they're good friends and it was a sincere compliment or he was being sarcastic, but I don't think it's right.

Hedda Lettuce
Why would he have another woman's phone number to begin with? And then the old line of complementing her on what she is wearing? I think the male is up to no good and time to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand.


Yep, just carry on regardless if you want to end up with a broken marriage, no home to go to etc. Men like you deserve all they get.

Mom madness
Only if its his wife, otherwise, hell no

Not really. If it was just a general comment then why not just say it. If you've taken the trouble to text a compliment then you're obviously expecting some return...

no y would u do that? its just stupid


Only if they want a slap.

No. Man talk for nice skirt is "Hey, bend over and let me see if you are wearing panties cause I'm hard just thinking about it."

Ghanaian Princess
sure, as long as it's ok for a married woman to text message another man...for example"nice abs"

No. He is flirting with another woman.

only if he likes to rearrange his nuts or possibly his kneecaps! i wouldnt even go there hun

heck- I'd love to get a text message like that from another man...But I would be pretty suspicious of his motives. Flattering, yes, but probably not such a good idea.

If you have to ask this question, then it's probably not ok. Otherwise, you wouldn't have to wonder about it. Another way to look at it -- would your wife be ok with it? Would you send that text message with her standing right there while you were doing it? And would you be ok with it if your wife was going around sending text messages to other guys saying "nice pants"?

Msdeb gee

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 points!


Amanda D
my guy checks out what other girls are wearing all the time to see whats cute I do it with him but if he tex her and told her no way that is unexceptable especially if he is married if wife is with you and ok with it thats diffrent

I would not consider this ok for a married man. Although it's harmless flirting, he has no business texting another woman for whatever reason!

well, it depends...if it was a short skirt on a pretty lady...I would be pissed....to be on the safe side...don't text other women...

Yeah....only if that other woman is his WIFE.


y not what the hell

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