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Is it "OK" for a married woman to just be friends with a guy?
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Is it "OK" for a married woman to just be friends with a guy?

I have always worked in sales, lots of men are attracted to that field and as a result I have become friends with many men colleagues. I stay in touch with them, and will go out to lunch with them and will even go out with them at night. They joking refer to me as their "Wingman". Sometimes my husband will come along, sometimes he doesn't.

A few "girlfriends" of mine think that's inappropriate. My husband is fine with it.

Whaddya think? Is this wrong?

Beach Girl
Ask Harry (when he met Sally).

How would you feel if your husband was a photographer and hung out with the girl models at lunch and for drinks? He's a brave and trusting man, and you are flirting with danger.

If your husband doesnt mind then its ok.

It's risky for sure. You're putting a lot of temptation in front of yourself. Why would your husband be so cooperative?

i would be more concerned with what your husband thinks of the matter, more so than what your girlfriends think. being that your husband is ok with it, sounds like you have a healthy, trusting marriage. if anything, your girlfriends are jealous, because not very many men like the thought of their woman going out with other men, friends or not.

If your husbands fine with it then i don't think it's wrong, as long as there's nothing going on between you and the guys..But think about this Would you be ok with him hanging out with other females- as friends or that he worked with? When me and my husband talk about stuff like that i always ask him how he would feel if it was me doing whatever it is...

~♥Truckers Wife♥~
Well it really depends on how you look at it.. if you can handle your husband having a Girl that is a freind then it may work...some pople cant handle that situation and causes to much jealousy.....

Talking and interacting with them because of work there is nothing that you can do.. outside of work I would have to say no... that it would be wrong.

The Princess
I personally think its inappropriate because even if you have no intention of anything starting between you and one of your male friends, you're opening yourself up to possible problems. You never know what could happen...however, if your husband is fine with it, then I guess its okay. I wouldn't put myself in that situation, though.

Paul E
No! You can only have mutual friends.

If your husband is okay with it and you are appropriate then what is the big deal. Perhaps your GF's are a little green that they don't or can't have that type of relationship.
I've been in the construction industry as a PM for years - nothing but men, cursing, spitting and a good ol' time....I am friends with a few of the guys but they all know my husband and they all know the rules....
Have fun, don't worry about the others - live your life for you and your husband and family!

sofia k
well it depends on ur husband.. if he alows you its cool.. although i think that even if you have guy friends... you shouldnt get them too free around you because that might create marriege problems..

2 makes 1
As long as your relationship is simply friends, there is NOTHING wrong. Your husband doesn't seem to mind, so why worry about bothersome women?

dennis m
Im in the same boat....in my field I deal with lots of women...

wife doesnt like it but she has to understand that it is my bread and butter...I take them to lunch yes even deal with them on weekends sometimes...

I feel for you....

paul c
Not wrong at all - in fact it shows you've got a healthy trusting relationship with your husband.

Mean Carleen
I think it is PERFECTLY fine as I am "just friends" with more guys than gals. I LOVE my guy friends and we talk and lunch/dinner ever so often. Miy dude has no problem with it and in the end it all comes down to TRUST.

helo pilot cfi
its not inappropriate if its just friendship what your husband thinks is whats important the other are just little insecure and jealous but a sposted not ok after working hrs

As long as it remains superficial and your husband is ok with it, it's fine. It's putting a lot of temptation your way though, especially if one came on to you. Would you react properly or be flattered into the sack ?

Wow! Well as long as your husband & you are fine w/ it, and theres trust in the marriage. Then thats all that matters. It's very rare to know things like this is going on w/ out being attractive w/ the man. ( in this situation) Sadly to say.

It does sound wrong but it's really between you & your husband. And if your friend isn't married. BUT if he is married and his wife isn't happy then YES THAT IS WRONG AND YOUR NEEDING TO RESPECT THEM!!

Dick Fitzwell(Anti CockBlockers)
Its ok but there will always be temptation for the man and woman in this situation. Tread lightly.

its okay as long as you and your husband still have that kinda trusta think of it like would you be okay if he had female friends that he took the lunch or out at night ?

If your husband is ok with it, then it is fine. As long as you don't cross the line. Your female friends are jealous because their husbands won't allow it.

45 auto
As long as there wives don't get upset> And it's business fun only> have the girlfriends come along>?

If you husband knows about you going out and he doesn't mind and you are not doing anything to jeapardize your relationship with your husband then do not worry about what your friends think. They are probably jelouse.

Be B
As long as your husband and you are ok with this why do your friends opinions matter?
Do what you think is right.

Yes. what you are doing is wrong. To have male friends is fine, my closest friend was male. But to go out with them...naw!

Lady Freyja
As long as your husband is okay w/ it and your male friends respect your marital status then I see nothing wrong w/ it. If you start to get tempted I would nip the friendship in the bud before you cross the line though.

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