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Is my married boss interested in me?
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Is my married boss interested in me?

We are both married and live in different states. Because of this, we rarely see each other, but when we do, we flirt and I feel like there is "something" there. We talk on the phone occasionally and have never crossed any boundaries. We are complimentary to each other and just get along well in general. I don't know what he is thinking...why does he sometimes call me and flirt and then other times he will ignore my emails, etc? I have a crush on him, but would never compromise my marriage and I don't think he would compromise his...but I get mixed signals. Is this completely innocent or could he have feelings (or at least be intrigued) by me? Thanks!

I wonder if your crush started before or after he started flirting with you...? I have to warn you, just because he flirts and looks at you like he is interested in you, doesn't mean he actually *likes* you. Some men are very flirtatious. They are attracted to a woman and they go with that feeling and then once they get a little action, the attraction is gone. He's driven by the challenge... and he's probably a flirt. Something like this happened to me. And after I gave into the crazy emotions of the crush (I actually cheated on my husband with the guy), the next time we were together and we were flirting, he denied me, saying he was no longer attracted to me. It was devastating because like you, I had developed an intense crush, and like you, I was (am) married. In my case, the guy started the flirting with me... he initiated it in the beginning. He seemed to be trying really hard to have this relationship with me. And I eventually started to fall for him. But in the end, he flat-out rejected me. Now I have to see him at work and I have to fight to bring back to life the love I felt for my husband, which I so selfishly disregarded because of my crush. It's a bad situation all around. The best advice for you is to try to avoid this man at all cost. Ok, so you have to see him for work. But luckily, you don't have to see him everyday like in my situation. Honestly, the crush won't go away unless you distance yourself and distract yourself. These feelings become obsessions... and they're hard to get rid of once you let them get too big. Stay away from that man! And if you do give into your feelings, be ready to deal with the humilation afterwards when he says it didn't really mean anything to him. (And don't listen to all the judgmental people out there... this stuff happens)

WΘMBAT is almost 100% batty
Why are you asking this question? Why, exactly, does it even *matter* whether or not he has "feelings" for you? Why do you need to know? He's your boss, and he also happens to be married. He shouldn't be flirting with you in any form or fashion. I can't even tell you how unethical that is. You've already "compromised" your marriage, by allowing your feelings for him to distract you.

Pardon ME
I think you're trying to see far and beyond what is really going on. Since you have a crush on him, you see ANYTHING he does as a form of interest towards you on his part. This isn't so. Your mind is playing emotional tricks on you, and you're making up "feelings," based on inconsequential events. Leave it alone, he's married and he's being friendly. He's also your boss, think of your job first before you start wanting to take off your panties.

Why are you asking this question if you would never compromise your marriage?

Jill L
Simply put he desires you and you could have him if you wanted...

First you should not even engage in the thought of that. You will soon allow other emotion to stir up STOP IT NOW KEEP IT STRICTLY BUSINESS.For your sake and his wife.

stay away from him if you love your husband. the fact that he called you a flirt is NOT a compliment

let him pork u in rear. don't worry about his wife. what she don't kno won't hurt her! ha ha ha

Crystal LeeAnn
I would not give it another thought. You two are probably just enjoying each others conversations and he is showing he has trust in you. Just chill and enjoy the job.

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