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Is my wife entitled to my house that is in my name if we divorce,she paid no bills and been married 2 years?
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Is my wife entitled to my house that is in my name if we divorce,she paid no bills and been married 2 years?

she is entitled to your house, your car and your soul!

Claire B
Yes she will be. half of the house any way. You could try to fight it but it will cost alot

I think so but negotiate with her, get second mortgage and pay her off

get a solictor

If you had a prenup and it was mentioned in the prenup that the house would not be hers if you guys divorced. than no she would not get it. If you owned the house beforee you got married no, she is not entitled to it. But if you got the house while married then yes she is entitled to 1/2 the house. not all of it. Sell the house and give her half. befor you divorce her.

carolyn m
yes if you live in the uk she is entitled to half of everything sorry

dependg where u live,if its uk,YES,shes entitled to ur properties

Alf H
If you live in the UK, the law usually begins at half and half. Be prepared to get less then half as Judges usually move in favour of the wife if there is a clean break settlement. Sometimes up to 75% to 25% in favour of the wife.

Depends on the law of the area you live. Check with a lawyer.


Lisa C
It's according to what state you live in and if you have a pre-nup or not. In California, with no prenup, YEP

ooooh look @ me, lol
All I can say is thank god your house is in your name as if you are now separated and only been married two years then the biatch was not worth it anyway.

Most likely no she is not. If the house is in your name only, legally it is yours, even if you are married. Also any cars and other property in YOUR name only is yours too. Additionally if you owned the house BEFORE you got married then tell your lawyer that. Because any valuables you owned before the marriage is 100% yours. You need to talk to a good divorce attorney.

melinda l
Depends on what state you live in....when I got my divorce last year, his attorney told him when he put my name on the deed, it was considered a gift which meant I had just as much rights to the house as he had...even though he owned it before we married. The amount of money each pays or paid has no bearing on who has entitlement. If her name is not on the deed, and you acquired it before marriage, I dont think she would have any rights to it....but then again, it all depends on what state you live in. I happen to live in Florida....aka: the woman's state (lol)

Dae (uk/36)
Not always. Her solicitor will say its a marital asset, but you have to prove it wasn't. Did you own it before you were wed? It's mostly long term marriages with Children to consider where the wife can expect that kind of financial settlement. I bought a house while I was married (7 years) that we both lived in. When we divorced she tried for half, and got nothing. She refused to pay a penny even for the deposit, so I know just how you feel! Your best bet is to argue the fact it's a very short term marriage and petition for a clean break agreement.

i think she can claim half the house and it contents

Did you purchase the house before or after you married? If it's after marriage, it's considered marital property and you could be forced to sell and split the amount or she can pay you for her share. Did she clean it and help maintain it? It depends on community property laws in your state as to her entitlement.

If you live in U.K.yes.

I would think that depends on where you live (state). Check with an attorney to see. It can't hurt to find out for sure. Good luck!

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