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Is two years in a serious relationship long enough to wait for someone to ask you to marry them?
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Is two years in a serious relationship long enough to wait for someone to ask you to marry them?

Mel-am Meru
2 years in a serious relationship is plenty of time to know if you want to marry someone. like someone mentioned above, if there is any doubt one any side then perhaps it's time to move on.

LaVada A
I would say yes some people get married before then. I have been or shall I say known my husband for 4 years next week. We have been married for under a year. He proposed to me when we were in our 2nd year of dating so I would say yes it is enough time. It also depends on what the two of you talk about and want. If you haven't talked about marriage to each other yet then I would to see where his/or her head is at. Good luck.

there's no hard and fast rule. Sometimes you know someone for 24 hrs and feel like you have known them all your life..then there are people you knew your whole life, but you dont really know them.

Dear Speckles, Two years is okay,except both of you don't know what you want in a relationship,I dated my wife for two years before I propose,I delayed proposal so as to be sure am not making a mistake as then I know what I want. The question is,do you know what you want in a man,can you see it in him,if not ,move on with your life.

Relationships do not have time limits. You want both parties to be 100% ready for marriage. You cannot rush these things. So if the question has not been asked, then leave it alone.

Two years is not long at all, especially when bringing something that is supposed to be for life into the equation. Two years is the MINIMUM to be thinking about getting engaged in my opinion. So many people are rushing into marriage without really thinking, no wonder marriages are failing so fast. If you're thinking about leaving a man just because he hasn't popped the question after two years then you obviously do NOT love him and he deserves a lot better than you.

i think it depends where you are in life.like if you're early twenties and still figuring things out, i dont think two years seems that long. again though, i just think it depends

That would depend if you really know each other, and if they feel the same way about you as you feel about them. Has marriage been talked about, or is this one sided? If they are not that into you and content just to have a relationship, maybe it is time to suggest a time limit, or move on.

Girl Smith
if you mean, should I break up if they haven't asked by now?--- you might be rushing on the marriage thing. Many couples date for more than 2 years. My husband and I were married at a little over 1 year; we were engaged at 7 months been married 10 years

YES he should no by now that he loves you

Yes it is but then again you can also get married after 6 years as long as you both understand that you may want to finish school or life projects before getting serious that way.,

Ella Martin
Yes. :)

Someone Lastname
Yes it is long enough. Unless one of you is having doubts.

Its the minimum length of time before you should even start thinking about marriage, IMO.

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