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Ladies, are there some things you will tolerate from other men but not from your husband?
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Ladies, are there some things you will tolerate from other men but not from your husband?

This question is what brought up this question in my mind.

The first answer said he will tolerate some things from other women but not from his wife because he loves her. The last answer completely agrees.

Is there something you tolerate from other men that you wouldn't from your husband? BQ: How do you feel about men deciding this stringent attitude towards their own wives. I mean I'll get it if wifey cursed like a sailor but a word or two?

Would it be the same as when women weren't allowed to smoke in public but men could? Did we go back back in time here?

I curse all the time around my husband even sometimes at him and taken how he ticks me off, he understands my frustrations.

I know, I probably shouldn't however, sometimes in order for me to get any reaction out of him, I really need to say something almost shocking to get him to listen to me.

Now, what I would not tolerate from my husband is cheating because divorcing is a whole lot harder than just breaking up from a dating relationship.
I also would not tolerate drinking. We have a family, we are married and both of us have an understanding that drinking is a big NO NO on both our parts.

I think there are many other things I would tolerate from a boyfriend than a husband only because I am more serious about my husband and my marriage.
I could care less if my boyfriend does something because he is just that, a boyfriend. If my husband decided to hurt me or our marriage, I would not tolerate the abuse.
I'm in this marriage out of a total committment to my spouse and i will not have it any other way.

say it all...
Unfortunately it's opposite for me...I get treated with much respect and kindness at work...I get repeatedly disrespected at home and he can be frequently unkind...things being worked on in marital therapy.

I am much less tolerant of men I don't know or aren't my husband. I don't care about their opinion at all.

I did not marry a man who had a stringent attitude. That type of man is to be dismissed. Useless to me.

-- ßëå§T BØi --
Sweet Heart the only Problem is the culture around you ! the Best Men in the world found in My country loving peace full and in other words Really a king ! .. who just mean to one women that was his wife only ! simple

Interesting question. I've never had this happen before. I thought I was the only one because I don't think a single woman really answered my question.

I like the example you gave about smoking. I thought love meant excepting your partner for who they are?

Common sense isn't anymore..
No, there is nothing I tolerate from other men but not him. In fact he would be the only person I'd be prone to cut more slack when needed. Other people are not my concern.

As for her, her husband sounds like a controlling nut job. I give it a year tops before he starts hitting her "for her own good".

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