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Living with someone after divorce.?
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Living with someone after divorce.?

My question may sound strange, but here goes. My ex wife has moved a man into her house, to live with her. I have not got any problems about that, we get on he is a nice bloke and gets on well enough with the kids, but should this effect my child support payments as he is contributing to financially. Not that I have any plans to stop or change them as I want the very best for my girls. But. This leads me onto the second part. If I get married and obviously live with my new wife, does her wages get included into mine when the child support calculations are done? I ask this because I have been told that her moving someone in does not make any difference, but me moving someone in does. Does this seem a tad unfair to anyone else? Why should my fiance have to pay child support for my children when her live in lover does not have to contribute at all, even though he refuses to pay any child support to his ex wife!!! Has this country (England) gone mad? Ok 1. For all you women who are going to jump on the bandwagon here, if you read the thing properly I have stated that I am not thinking of not paying for my kids, I am a man not a weazle and accept my responsabilities. The question was, is this fair that she can rebuild her life without any hinderance (even though she had the affair) where as I am not allowed to move on. 2. I am not concerned with what the law says in the USA, China or Mongolia. Only the UK please. 3. Thank you Diane, nice to see someone can read the actual question. Sorry and you Cham, thanks for the link and input. Much appreciated

in the uk neither spouses income is taken into account...what is unfair is if you get remarried and your partner has children you can reduce your payments to your own children because the stupid system thinks you should support step children before your own...yes the uk system is totally screwed

yes, the country has gone mad! i'm not sure about the law on this, but you do have to continue the payments to your children. i think the only thing that would stop are payments to her. you could see a solicitor & ask if you can take it back to court. it seems very unfair that new wives' wages are also taken into account, but i think that is what happens. it may be an idea not to remarry but continue to keep yours & your fiancee's finances seperate. then make a will to make sure she's provided for. if she gives up her home to be with you, for example, you'd want to make sure she still had 1 if you died. or you could move into hers! there must be ways around it! good luck with it all, diane.

Just because you ex moved a man in the house you still have to pay child support. His income has nothing to do with your kids same as if you were to get remarried you new wife's income has nothing to do with child support for your children.I don't know the laws in England but in NJ spouse does not have to contribute to your child support.

Meggy Jo
I am not positive about England. I can only tell you about the US. In the US, it makes no difference in child support payments whether your ex wife moves a man into her house, or you move a woman into your house. Child support is based on your salary, ONLY.

I don't know about England but in here in the U.S. they cant add the new girlfriend or the new wife's wages into the child support. I just got married to my husband who has three kids with his ex wife and my pay does not have anything to do with his child support.

After looking over the statutes that govern maintenance, I don't see anything that would make me believe that child support is also calculated using your spouses income. Here is the link showing the deciding factors.

Your wifes salary should not have any affect on support payments, however your ex having a "roommate" should affect your support payments. Her income to debt ratio has changed and the courts should know about it.

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