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Married woman - Mind games or is she just not sure?
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Married woman - Mind games or is she just not sure?

I have been interested in her for a while and she knows it. However, we are friends and have not been intimate in any way. She has always refused to go out o lunch one-one one because of "how it would look". However, she recently suggested we get together for lunch as there was something she needed to discuss with me. It concerned her career and moving to another country. We had lunch which was pretty much a platonic exercise, but then she mentioned how she had been to dinner with corporate guests a couple of weeks ago. After lunch, she wrote down her personal email address and cellphone number on her card and handed it to me so we could "keep in touch". (We have always communicated through her work email.) Afte rthe goodbye hug, she says we should do this at least once a month until she leaves the country. So this week I email her and suggest we get together for dinner since our time is so restricted at lunch. She responds with a bunch of excuses about kids activities, blah blah. The question is: Is she just messing with my brain, or does she want something, but can't make up her mind?

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I think she's messing with your mind; she wants to see how serious you are about your relationship, she's hoping you would ask her to stay. Tell her you started seeing someone else and don't think you should be having lunch with her anymore, see what here reaction is? Good luck!

You just never know with women. The way I see it is that she likes you more than a friend, but needs some excuse or catalyst to take things to the next level. Leave the ball in her court for now and when it gets closer to her departure date, make a bold and unambiguous move. If she rejects you, it won't matter, she's left the country. If she doesn't well..

from the way you explain it, sounds like she only wants to be friends. it's clear that she's thinking about her career and whats best for her. if she was interested in you she wouldn't be thinking about moving to another country. giving you her number and email, may mean that you're a dear friend to her and she really hope you two would really stay in touch. you should tell her how you really feel about her and see what she'll say.

It seems to me that she is just interested in being friends. If she is getting ready to leave the country on a new venture, I wouldn't push it any further. She's getting ready to be really busy with the move. If she is married then you should not want anything other than a corporate friendship anyway. Since she gave you her personal info, just check in with her periodically to offer your help(if she needs it) as a friend. So to answer your question: She isn't messing with your brain (she's married), she does indeed want something, your friendship.

She doesn't like you like that. If she did, she would of suggested meeting up more than once a month. Put your sights elsewhere, your wasting your time here.

No. You are reading way too much into her actions. She is avoiding you because you are sending her the message that you want more than friendship and as a married woman she does not want more than that from you. Just because some woman is nice to you, acts interested in what you have to say or compliments you - - - does not automatically mean she wants you.

Could be both, but to protect yourself from getting hurt and also from coming across as desperate, I'd back off and let her make the next move. You asked and she declined. What I would do is tell her that if and when she wants to get together for dinner/lunch for her to let you know-- that way the ball is in her court. Good luck

Sounds like she is working on advancing in her career and she doesn't want to start a relationship with someone if there's a possibility that she might move out of the country. Makes perfect sense to me--she doesn't want to waste time on building a relationship and then having to give it up. Lay off of her for a while. If she stays in the country, pursue her. If she wants you, she'll come after you because it seems like you've made several attempts and she hasn't made any (other than the k.i.t. info).

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