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My boyfriend is a truck driver how can I tell if hes cheating ?
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My boyfriend is a truck driver how can I tell if hes cheating ?

I just asked my wife QUOTE" Thats just one of those things that. If you have to ask that question. Either you have a problem ! Or he does ! Thats a fact.

rig a webcam in his cab

I doubt he would cheat. Have you seen them lot lizards? Nasty...lol

Just because he's a truck driver what makes you think he's a cheat? Not all truck drivers are cheaters. Not all cheaters are truck drivers!!! When in doubt, ask!!! If you can't communicate, why do you call him your boyfriend?

I am an ex truck driver and most do not cheat, I bet when he comes home he is wore out, sleeps most of the time, and that dear lady is from working his *** off. There is very little time for hanky panky as truckdrivers or the truck make no money setting in a truck stop.

Wise Fool
10-4 good buddy, headin' down the line,
I see them little boys, and they sure look fine
I like to take theirs, then I give 'em mine
Cause I'm a H_mo, truck drivin' man

Headin' down the line, and I need some gas
Put it into overdrive, and I'm movin' out to pass
Then I pick up some little feller, and I screw'm up the @ss
Cause I'm a H_mo, truck drivin' man

When you see that big rig headed for you,
and it's painted pick, you best stay out of it's way
cause we all know, deep inside, that truck driver be powerful gay
Cause he's a H_mo, truck drivin' man

He's a H_mo, truck drivin' man

-pajama slave dancers, 1985

Other than hiring a private detective,wait and see if he brings home a disease.

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