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My boyfriend stole money from me ...?
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My boyfriend stole money from me ...?

because he has a drug addiction to Vicodin.

Do you think he stole money from his ex wife too? Just curious. what are the chances?


Yes. Enough said.

Serene E

Please break off all contact with him, dear. A drug addiction can make people do crazy, crazy things including hurting or killing you.

Why is there no indication of you break up with him?

If you plan on staying, then it's your fault for not leaving.

Alice Wayne
Certainly, 100%! Just figure this: if she stole money from his girlfriend, of course he has stolen it from his wife!

a druggie will do whatever they have to to get money for that next high. he probably stole from everyone he ever knew. and if you stay with him he will drag you down with him.

If he steals money from you for drugs or even begs you for money so he can by booze, he will also lie to you also. If he tells you one lie then he will lie to you again. If you don't believe that, then just get married to this guy and watch the broken record go around. Marriage, drugs, alcohol and divorce. Skips on the broken record into the same groove. Marriage, drugs, alcohol and divorce. Skip, Marriage, drugs, alcohol and divorce. The only way out is if you break the record and throw it into the trash and find new friends that don't pull you down to their level. Something else that you might notice is that as long as you have money, you have all kinds of friends. But when you run out of money, you can't find one of them to help you when you are in need. Don' let anyone pull you down to keep you from achieving your potential. You are much better than that. Psalms1 in your Bible.

100% chance. Is this really the kind of man you want in your life? You know he is going to do it again. Really think about getting this guy out of your life.

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