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My ex husband why wont he get over me after two years?
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My ex husband why wont he get over me after two years?

My ex husband and I have three kids together, Hes had a girlfriend for two years. I just found a guy thats my age (24) years old. He loves my kids Like his own. I posted a picture of my new boyfriend and I kissing and he saw it. He was totally jealous..He got the divorce with me. Why does he does he even bother getting jealous?

Yeah, that's a pain in the neck. My ex used to go nuts, and part of that included coming to my house and abusing me. We had a child together, so still had to have a level of contact. Initially, and man I dated moved on, because who wants to deal with an ex who is ranting and raving all the time. My current hubby, when my ex found out we were getting married, even received death threats against him and his children (yes, we had proof and so I got a restraining order at that point). We are now 10 years on from our divorce and yet the guy still badmouths my husband to anyone who will listen (including our son). To be honest, I don't understand it, but I've learned to live with it. He is no longer allowed to contact me other than by text message or in writing (or by phone if it is an emergency), and the contact is only allowed to be in relation to our son. I just think of him as a bit of a sad case really - imagine living 10 years trying to control your ex wife and being jalous of her moving on with her life. It's a bit of a waste, isn't it?

You are the mother of his children,there is no getting away from that and some guys just don't like to see their X's with anyone ...it's like they want to think of them self as your one and only.

ronald s
I wonder why you care that he is jealous. You took the time out to even address it.

because in his mind he probably think there is this women ( you ) who will forever be lonely and waiting for him to come back in her life and save her but why does he have access to your web photos? those should be set to private this is why myspace or facebook is never a good idea

Nancy M.
Some men are jealous when they find out their ex wife's are seeing other men. They sometimes have a hard time letting go and your ex could also still love you even though he may not say it.

He thinks of you as a possession, not human.

Well it just happens -- human nature. Since he has a gf he should really get over the past. I am glad U have a good bf. Try to ignore your ex-hubby, and don't post any more pix for a while. With 3 kids and a bf you should be too busy for that kind of posting anyway. Good luck.

well because he thinks in his mind that you were jsut suppost to be his only one and i dont know i can explain. but dont let that jealousy get in the way. J.D

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