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My ex won't let me see my children!?
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My ex won't let me see my children!?

I have 2 children izzy 1 1/2 and Justin 7 mnths. My ex is refusing to let me see my children even though i have been told by numerous people what a good father i am, just because i smoke cannabis! Is this fair~?? I never smoke around my children not even ciggarettes. I feel she may be jealous of the fact that she can no longer smoke cannabis, like she previously did! Right lets get things straight. I dont smoke around my children or when i see them or go to see them. I smoke when i dont have the children( or used to have them). As for parenting it doesnt matter what condition you are in as long as they receive the devoted love and attention that they deserve

you should see your children but then u shouldn't smoke dope but hen that's ur buisness,go see a soliciter good luck.

When we have children we make many sacrifices for our children, why not show your ex how much you love your children & give the stuff up. She is wrong for using it against you - but prove her wrong.

has your ex said that's the reason or is she trying to hurt you????? how come your are apart your son isn't very old i just wandered what happen?????????????? are you able to sit down with you ex and talk about the situation sensibly.if not try and get someone who can see both sides to help sort this mess out. your kids are very young and they want understand whats going on.you need to sort it out sooner rather than later.i don't really believe she wouldn't let you see your kids just cos of the dope she know what you did before so whats different now?!!!!!!!! is your relationship really over or do you think you could get back together. the only thing you can do is talk and find a way you can both be happy. if she is keeping you away from your kids for spite then you have a very hard road in front of you,just keep trying for your kids sake. don't be to hard on her and don't blame her you both need to talk and be honest good luck mate hope it all works out.

Dr Bad
This cannabis thing is just an excuse, (trust me) like most women ..she is getting back at you through the children...there is no diffrence between smoking canabis or cigarettes in front of children .. they are both wrong. Many mothers smoke. I'd go through the courts ....and maybe stop smoking.. ..but then she'll come up with another excuse. good luck Dr bad no bull

Nope, certainly aint fair. I would try and talk to her and hopefully arrange for you to see your kids, if not the only way is through a lawyer

hi , wow...ok i am dad of 5 , my first 2 we split when 3-2 yrs . she also refused , its tuff and hurts like hell , but only 1 way to do it 1, solicitor get access ... 2 .always turn up on time , NEVER be late 3.tell them every time u love them 4.always say mummy is nice ,always be friendly to mummy i swear i had to do this for years , my ex was and is a witch ,serious so nasty on my sons 16 th birthday he knocked at my door with his case and said hi dad im moving in , my daughter still with mother is the same and i see her now n then for £££ and gifts. its tuff i know an dhurts deep , but time heals and u need a solictor , u can get free advice citizens advice or first 30 mins free , but u need to chat to expert , the courts have to decide good luck . and quit the weed please xxx

Emma T
You need to get to court to have visitation rights if you and your ex cannot sort it out yourselves. However, a judge is highly unlikely to allow you access if s/he knows you take illegal drugs. It does not matter whether you do it in front of the children or not, you are breaking the law.

Baby if you love them kids as much as you claim; you would quit naturally. Prove to her you can do it! Love them babies; there are too many kids growing up without their daddies. OK?

please don't put your children's names and ages in here....there's alot of people who are freaky so keep them anonymous.... firstly...this is what i hate about women (i am a woman myself) i HATE it when they use their kids as weapons, it's sneaky and it's spiteful....you go and see a solicitor (lawyer) and get your rights....secondly...GET OFF THE POT....not a good roll model mate...kids catch on....she has a point though, stop smoking weed...focus more on your kids and she may let you see them....drugs are for idiots....STOP NOW or you'll never get to see them....but still go see a solicitor, you do have rights....do not upset her, do not go round ranting and raving and do not fight in front of your kids....wise up and stop smoking weed...it's not big and it's not clever, the only way she'll come round to your way of thinking is if you stop.... it does not matter if you don't do it in front of them....YOUR STILL DOING IT.....and i don't think yor ex is jealous coz she cant smoke it either, she has a clear frame of mind, wheras you don't...she knows the score, kids go routing when they visit peoples houses, they have a look for things to play with, what happens if one of your kids found your weed and put it in their mouth? think about it....is it worth not seeing thm ever gain....WISE UP and stop blaming your ex..she's in the right...but i still hate it when women stop dads seeing their kids...she has a very good reason so prove to her that your a capable person, it's time to grow up mate....

Whats more important? Answer that and you'll be at peace.

Take this to the bank... If you have a court order of visitation, then you CAN fight this legally. But keep in mind this: WHEN she brings up anything about your smoking pot, the court order goes out the window as you will then HAVE to prove that you are not smoking pot. Now I could deliver a solution around all of this, but I will not because there are children involved. So please do not email me. The best advice however is to stop puffin' dude! Your going nowhere like this and as you can see, it's causing you more grief than the "buzz" is worth.

Cannabis?? you mean POT?? Well do you have any custody orders?? well then get one, go to the court house in your local county and request a temporary custody order or call an attorney that will answer your question for free over the phone.

They are your children, and it must be terrible not being allowed to see them. But if you are really a good father, and if they are really important to you, you will stop smoking cannabis. Surely it's worth it? Otherwise, you will not be a part of their lives and they will grow up without you. That is as much a loss for them as it is for you, perhaps more.

Single Dad
I walk in early from work one day and found my wife smoking dope right in front of my kids, I am divorcing her and I took custody of the kids. She cannot pass a drug test and she cannot see the kids until she does with out supervised visitation DRUGS = LOSER

fi ‚ô†
would you like to think your children were being looked after by someone who smokes dope? neither does she clean up your act a bit, apply for visitation, and smoke on your own time

i dont blame her. i wouldnt have let anybody near my kids who used mind numbing drugs. pack it in and prove yourself as a man who can live in the real world

If you have orders from a court allowing you access, there's nothing she can do and in fact, can be arrested for denying you access. However, she may (and I hope she does) ask that you submit for a drug test prior to any visitation with your kids. Frankly, it doesn't matter what other people say about your parenting skills.... if you are baked when you pick up your kids how good a father can you be? Get clean so you won't have to sweat a drug test... or if cannabis is more important than your kids than move on.

Would that be a sativa? Or perhaps one of the many indaca strains?

Do you any have visitation rights ordered through the court system? If thats the case then she doesn't have the right to do that.

If you smoke cannabis around your children, it's absolutely fair.

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