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My husband always wants me to pick out and buy my own birthday presents with his credit card...?
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My husband always wants me to pick out and buy my own birthday presents with his credit card...?

Is it just me or is this just wrong?

Holy cow, I wish my husband would hand me his credit card and tell me to go buy myself something!!

Maybe you should explain to him why you don't like when he does that, but he probably means well. He would rather you get something that you genuinely like and want to have than something that he picked out and you hate. I'm terrible at getting gifts for people because I never know what to get, I would rather them just straight up tell me exactly what they want so I know I'm getting them something they like. I'm sure he just wants you to be happy.

I do believe it's wrong. My bf did this for my birthday one year and I absolutely hated it. He couldn't believe I hated the idea so much. He said that he asked a lot of people and they all said it was a wonderful idea. The way I see it is that he put no time and effort into the gift which is much more important than the monetary value. (I spent so much time crying during that birthday because it really offended me.) However, since then (it has been about 6 years), he has never tried that again because he knew how much I hated it. To this day, he still doesn't put that much time and effort in gifts (whearas I plan for months what I want to get him), but in all honesty I think it is just a guy thing that will never change. I would talk to your husband about how you feel. This may be a good idea for some women, but not all, especially ones that care about the sentimental value of gifts as opposed to the monetary. Good Luck!

Women are good at picking out gifts and most men are not.You could try telling him what it is you want and where to buy it if it bothers you that much.On the positive side you have gotten what you wanted and he has not bought something that you have to figure out how to tell him it has to go back to the store without hurting his feelings because you do not like it.

It's lazy, but my suggestion is go out and buy yourself some huge, expensive, cushy thing for yourself. Give yourself the best there is. You are worth it.

He could be just plain lazy or he could be really afraid of getting it wrong. Go and choose it together next time!

Possibly or may be not. It could be that he is either lazy and does not really care, or that he wants you to be totally and completely happy so that what he thought you would have like by him getting it, does not turn out to be something that you were really interested in then at least he doesn't feel bad. But now sinc you will be doing it yourself he knows that you are going to get what you like.

I once got gorilla slippers and a sweatshirt with a covered bridge and inspirational quote.....not my kind of thing at all, I literally cried it was that bad. Money and credit cards = good.

From my point of view it says he is too lazy to take the trouble to think about what gift you would like. Easier you choose it yourself so he 'doesn't get it wrong'. But, hey, I would rather thought about and wrong than not thought about at all.

Carmen Schafer
No it's not wrong, but we probably all like receiving gifts. This is probably because he doesn't know what to get you, and is afraid of disappointing you, or he's just too lazy. Spend more time together, and he might understand what you like! Or you could just tell him that you like Birthday Presents and shopping for one off his credit card doesn't feel very appropriate. It's the thought that counts :)

Dear Jane...
No! That is just perfect (to me). Leave a man to pick out a present and you'll get something like golf clubs. One time I got...an iron LOL. I'd much rather pick out my own gift so I can have what I want LOL. I know it seems lame that he can't go "find" a present for you...but think of it this way...you're relieving his stress about getting a gift that might be "wrong" AND getting something in the process (win/win). There is always the option my husband and I choose and that's the "no gift" option. We don't need gifts to know we love one another. Spending time together is more important, right?

that way u can buy anything u want :) maybe he just has a hard time figuring out what to buy, i wouldn't like that either tho

Hey, it beats the heck out of being put in the doghouse for getting you the wrong gift...

It's a little lazy and inconsiderate of him, so I hope you compensate yourself richly by picking out really great stuff for yourself!

Nothing is wrong with it. But it is nice to get something from someone you love and its a surprise. He just doesn't want to get it wrong and knows if you pick it out yourself you will like it. He gives you the card and thinks that this will spark in your mind how much he really cares because he is willing to pay for what ever your heart desires.

Mr O
it's just you. I wish my wife would do that for me so i could stop pretending to like and be thrilled about the crap she does get me.

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