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My husband complains about me all the time. Is it a sign he doesn't love me anymore?
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My husband complains about me all the time. Is it a sign he doesn't love me anymore?

He's always saying things like I don't cook for the family I don't take care of anyone but myself (not true) I'm vain (he gets jealous if I so much as LOOK at another man) How can we fix this?

its a sign he is a moaner. but if he feels that way give him the divorce he wants

Look marriage comes with responsibilities, one thing that might help, divide them between you and your husband, say he can take out the trash, do the dishes and you can cook and take care of the children.

He complains about you - and you complain about him. Maybe you don't love each other. He says you don't take care of anyone but yourself? You say it's not true? How about his widowed mom (that you wouldn't let him have in the house) and his kids (you know the ones you said you hate)? One thing's for sure, it isn't going to help if you LOOK at other men and make him jealous - on top of all the other things you have to sort out!

Might be. Cook for the family. Take care of others more often. Stop LOOKING at other men. (and trying to get them to look at you)

Alexia Trinity
You are like the most selfish person ever, you probably don't take care of anyone but yourself and you hate his kids. This skank made another question saying how her husband cares more about the kids than her. My advice go to hell!

based on this question and the one about him only giving his children attention an not you, I believe your husband, you seem hateful about his kids and women who are jealous do things like ignore their familys and only care for themselves..better off finding a husband without kids so you can have him to yourself

Talk directly to him but remain calm and in control when you do so - he will probably get angry and emotional and try to turn it back on you. Don't stand for this type of emotional abuse - it's not good enough and you deserve to be treated with respect. If he wants to talk to you about things that are bothering him then he needs to learn how to communicate with respect. You wouldn't accept this from a girlfriend, so why accept it from your best friend? Go to a counsellor if you need mediation and a more constructive environment. But he needs to be willing to go for it to work.

You can fix it by doing your wifely/womenly duties and cater to him. Get off your butt and help out yet ... leave the skirt on and allow him to wear the pants.

Elvis fan!
need more info!

You are the one that married him, not me. You figure it out.

Steaven Hansure
bum tuck

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