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My husband decided to take his marital status off his facebook?
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My husband decided to take his marital status off his facebook?

It said we were married. Our anniversary is only a few days away but this morning he told me he loves me for the first time in about a month. What could that mean? It doesn't say he's single.. It just isn't there.

that's why we don't internet

Latin G
well, I don't want to make my girlfriends feel bad, by saying I'm married... so I don't put that statement up either.

Running all the time
I agree, if all info is gone do be too alarmed. However, if it is still there why did he just choose that?

Bubble Gum
You should trust him enough to ask him.

He just doesn't want anyone to know that about him. Some face books are strictly for networking purposes only

My husband and I share all our passwords, not because we don't trust each other but sometimes I need him to check something for me on my email or bank account. It's just easier that way.

To remove your marital status after its been shown for however long seems a bit fishy to me. Why now all of a sudden? You need to talk to him

Trisha M
He doesn't want his fb girlfriend to see all of the "Happy Anniversary" wishes that would flood his page if it were public?

Ask him.

Sounds a bit suspicious to me if it was there and now it has just gone.

Tell him, if he doesn't change it back to "married" then you'll know it's not just a glitch & there's more to it! Simple :-)

This Jersey Girl ♥♥♥
I would think it's weird too but sometimes people just take everything down and want as little information on there as possible. Check to make sure his hometown and birthday are missing too. If not, I'd ask him about it. Tell him you think its weird and ask him what's up

did he just upgrade to the new profile? mine left when I changed.

men tend to over compensate when they feel guilty. Ask him whats up and then keep an eye on him. but it is just facebook. It's not the real world.

Rebecca H
It's very hard for me to believe you are talking about your husband because I don't understand WHY you can't ask him. This sounds like a problem a teenager would face, not a grown married woman. And a married woman would not rely on a facebook status to evaluate their relationship. If they would, then they are F'D.

The US Congress enacted a law in December making your Facebook status a legal declaration of marital status.

Single means single, but changing the statue from married to single means you are now divorced and blank means you are now separated.

I think it was signed into law today and will be announced during the State Of The Union address.

Silly Rabbit_<3's Harry Potter
Well don't take this TOO serious and don't "shoot first, ask questions later." I'm not really sure what he meant by he only just truly loved you since last month, maybe that is the first time he felt really connected with you. But in terms of his facebook status, some people just don't believe in putting all of their personal business on their profile. When I first got facebook, I immediately put "married" as my status and my husband didn't, because he just felt it unnecessary. If it really bothers you, just have a talk with him when he gets home from work. This is actually a good thing, it'll give you time to cool off so you can have a nice, calm conversation instead of yelling at him and saying things you may regret later.

Zackry Pottle
It could be facebook having one of it's usual glitches. If you really care about why it happened, then ask him because he would be the person to know. As for him telling you he loves you the first time in about a month, I would say that's a little pathetic. Now I don't mean to put down your husband but if he loved you he would tell you at the least once every three to five days. Have a talk with him about it. Tell him you feel that he's losing interest in you because that's the way it sounds to me.

Al Rozz
Face book is the root of all love affairs. Tell him to put it back on.

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