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My husband gets angry at me in public, in front of friends and family. How can I get him to control himself?
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My husband gets angry at me in public, in front of friends and family. How can I get him to control himself?

you need to divorce his $ss why do you even put up with $hit like this he doesnt even respect you.

Next time he does it make sure you have the car keys and leave him standing there. When he finally gets home tell him that you're not going to be embarrassed or humiliated publicly again whether he likes it or not and leave it at that.

Don't go nowhere in public with him or to family functions since he humiliates you in front of people. You're not a child. I don't see why he just doesn't wait until you two are alone and discuss what's bothering him. That's what normal adults do. You should tell him how you feel. Until then, I wouldn't go nowhere with him unless you like being made a fool of. I see he clearly doesn't respect you - maybe he needs to take anger management.

Diane S
hmmmmm don't think you can....if he is doing that then you are in trouble...good luck....

love isnt hurt... let him know how this hurt you.

marcia f
Walk away and go home even if you have to call a cab. Do this every time he does this to you until he learns to behave in public. He will get the picture.

DirtFire 1
you can't. Only HE can control himself. makes me wonder how badly he treats you at home. Don't be afraid to get help or get out if things are bad. Take care.

Colleen O
The problem is that he is trying to control YOU. His behavior is the first step towards being abusive. My advice is that he seek counseling NOW before it escalates in to him beating on you later.

You need to take him to a family counselor, where you can sit down and tell him how much this bothers you. The counselor should suggest anger management thereapy to your husband. You need to be strong and demand he follow through with therapy.

Make a scene.Yell and shout back at him..he wont do it again.Teach him that 2 can play the same game.

He is trying to get all the attention and showin your friends that he wears the boots in the family . It is best to either change the subject when he does this or walk away. Do not tolerate such negative attitude. He is only embarrassing himself which is very immature.

Tell your husband how bad it makes you feel when he humiliates you in public. If he really loves you, he'll stop.

That's kind of harsh of him. Perhaps you should sit down and talk to him about what he does.

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