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My husband has been calling me a different name when he says Goodnight, should I be worried?
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My husband has been calling me a different name when he says Goodnight, should I be worried?

He said "Goodnight Dorothy" once and then last night he said "Goodnight Doris"!!!. I was away for 2 weeks a short while ago visiting relatives and he was unable to accompany me. My name is PAM !!

Just start calling him a different name see how he likes it!

Baps .
You need to start questioning him and find out if he knows anyone by this name and if he does find out what the relationship is

one of my mates calls his other half doris-to wind her up

he's been doing someone else

Your only going to get the answer to this one by asking your husband.

What do you mean that this man called you by another womans name and what did you say to him when this happen. You didnt confront him about it. Good luck

W E L Hung
Nah, he's taking the pi$$ - he wouldn't be THAT stupid.

I think he might be having a laugh. If you are worried, then accidentally call him a different name during dinner. See whether he laughs then! Dorothy and Doris? Oh, you have nothing to worry about!

He's at home saying goodnight to you so where is the problem? You haven't said but has he a slightly mischievous streak because that's an impression I get that he is doing it to wind you up. Maybe to cause a slight row so you can have fun making up later.

whats your sisters name,, lol

Libby one and only.
I wouldn't worry unduly, mine does it all the time.

have you had a word with him? how old is he? is he fully awake when you say goodnight, ifmy husband said goodnight pauline to me when i,m liz,i would ask him what my name is,i think i would be thinking of his health 1st.if he was saying it in his sleep,i would definitely have a word with him,i really don,t think you should be worried about what your thinking,it sounds like he is awake given what you,ve said,

Is he joking? Is he angry with you for living him alone for 2 weeks? Looks like, talking with him is the best solution! Talk with him. Ask him why he was using different names? I think he wants to make you jealous or angry! Do not make fast conclusions! Bye!

he could of been cheating, short memory loss, muddled up or just tired! =) dont worry too much =)

Doesn"t sound too good to me.Let my husband call me another name and it's on.

well Dorothy,i think your in denial!

joseph dakin
Poor chap, he's confused, theres been so many.

Yes, I would be worried. Have you asked him who these names belong to? I would, and I would tell him he's been calling you by the wrong names and that makes you pretty pissed off. If he doesn't stop, just start calling him by a different name every night and see how he likes it.

Onomatopoeiaانا نجمة فى عين زوجى
I would ask him up front just to see what he says. Go thru his stuff. If he drives a separate car than you, search it. Go thru his pockets. Then if things still go on, go on a "fake" trip and borrow a friend's car and follow him. The suggestion of responding to him with some different man's name made me laugh....... ya, do that too to see what he does. Good luck

Smack him upside the head and tell him your name is PAM!Joking!Maybe he is messing with you,ask him about it,talk with him!Good luck and i am actually curious to find out how this turns out .

Laila l
I am sorry to say it but yes you should be very worried. Speaking from experience here. my husband called me a different name and a few weeks later I found out that he had been living a complete double life. No need to say that I am divorcing him. No man all of a sudden starts calling you another name for no good reason. Good luck. I wish you all the best

Try calling him by a different name and see if he responds. He is probably trying to get some attention from you, so give him some.

Umm, I would worry a little bit. Did you question it at the time? Do you know anyone with those names? Did he know anyone with those names in his childhood? What is his age? Could he be getting some form of memory loss at all? If not, then I'm not sure what to suggest. Except talking to him about it. Good luck!

I would ask him why he called you that in the first place. If he knows anyone by those names, I would be worried. In the meantime, check his cell phone contacts for people of that name...or go online to the cell phone billing and look at the calls he is getting to see if anything is out of the ordinary.

Willie J
Well I think you might be wise to investigate. Is he drunk? Does he know any Dorothy's or Doris's?

That is very suspicious. You should find out more about this "doris" lady. If he's cheating on you, DUMP HIM.

My husband used to do this as a joke until I turned the tables and called him by another mans name. He went ballistic and we had an enormous row. I then told him why I had done it and he apologised for his silliness.

i dont know if you should be too freaked. i might have been if that were to happen to me. i would ask him why. i am sorry though i dont know how i would handle that situation.

Oh I would be very worried. Tell him to fess up to who Dorothy and Doris are.

2 Names! You really should.I'm sorry this happen to you. My friend met the same case (but only one name was called) and divorced her husband, now living with her son.But all this depends on her ability. Do the best for yourself.

Just reply with: goodnight jack,... or rob or john,... or whatever his name is NOT

oh god! ask him and if it's just a joke, then tell him it isn't funny. other than that, is he cheating???. smack him and move on.

Smack him on the arm to wake him up and ask him what the heck is up with that???

Hell yes do you even have to ask!!! Good Luck

uhhhh, yeah id be filing for a divorce right about now.

Maybe he needs to be checked for Alzheimer's.

Sweet Suzy 777!
No don't worry, become the detective or hire one and find out who Doris and Dorothy are.

Jack P
You have a problem.

He may be just kidding with you...

He's just jesting! I would worry if he called you bruce...

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