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My husband is snoring right now should i hit him, or let him sleep?
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My husband is snoring right now should i hit him, or let him sleep?

Apart from the obvious jokey things, this is actually not funny. My husbands snoring nearly caused a break-up and we took the quite drastic action of moving and getting separate rooms! Otherwise, I did hit him, hated him in the morning and may have killed him. With a little research and a lot of trial and error he has got the snoring pretty much under control now (unless he drinks or eats late at night). There are quite a lot of things you can do but that will vary according to the type of snorer he is (yes, there are different reasons for people snoring). You need to find that out first. Try having a look at http://www.nomoresnore.co.uk for some ideas.

Whenever my husband starts snoring I'll shift him enough that hes on his side with his back facing me and cuddle him. That way he stops snoring and things I'm being sweet at the same time, also with me cuddling him means he doesn't roll back onto his back and snore again.

Just me
Wake him up, tell him his snoring is disturbing you and could he roll onto his side. You've got a right to a decent sleep too. My wife does this to me regularly, and I really don't mind.

I would kiss him on the head and smile while you remember all of the wonderful reasons you married that man. That's what I do and it keeps me out of jail (lol). Gotta take the bad with the good :)

Sue C
I'd suggest you buy those "band aides" for snoring. They DO work just fine. I CANNOT stand to sleep w/someone snoring, it drives me up a wall. I'll keep kicking him 'til he rolls over & changes position & stops. Then I HOPE I can fall asleep fast enuf to not hear him again. But, those band aides DO WORK...good luck...:) EDIT: Cracker Jack, I would go sleep on the couch, but he goes to bed at 6:30, wakes up at 3:30 & would wake me up to go to bed...lol

Carrie R
normally snoring is a sign that your better half may have a condition called sleep apnea.I would suggest a trip to the doctor to find the source of the problem. CC

Girl, I feel your pain! I bought earplugs, now I sleep like a baby!! LOL

he needs to sleep on his side. he needs a special shirt to sleep in. -sew a pocket on the back of his shirt and -place tennis balls in it and then sew it close. -when he wears it to sleep it will force him to sleep on his side and not on his back cuz the tennis balls will be uncomfortable on his back. -most people snore while on their back. -never give him sleeping pills this can kill him especially if he has sleep apnea. -quick fix right now. spray an aerosol in the air over him. when it falls and he inhales he'll stop snoring and wake up then your good for 8 to 10 minutes

Atomic Snowflake
flick him on the neck

let him sleep.. im me lets chat

Cracker Jack
Go sleep on the couch.

people only snore when they are in shallow sleep, not deep sleep. if he's snoring he's not sleeping deeply enough, either he's not able to get comfortable or he's got something bothering him. you need him to be in a deeper sleep so his snoring will stop. is there any lights in the room? even the smallest blinking of a dvd or tv button can interupt a sleep pattern. what about inconsistent sounds? if he's always snoring you may want to take a little action. without broaching the subject get him drinking water before bed, a good amount of it a good hour before bed. no coffee it will dehydrate and make things harder. then you need to get him using the toilet (no2) before bed and having a shower. this way he's going to bed with nothing hard or horrid on his mind. you can help him a lot without having to broach the subject of sleep and over a few weeks this problem will go away.

Hit him!!

Lucky starr
Hit him and pretend you're still sleeping! Then he can't get mad, after all you aren't aware of what you do in your sleep.

Roll him over

You should go to bed before your parents find out your playing on the computer.

Plug his nose! That's what i used to do to mine when we were together! LOL he'd open his mouth and that stopped the snoring...although not for long... Still it was pretty darn funny!

he's dreaming of a real woman..wait til he comes..then hit him

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