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My husband is very nonchalant,unattentive re problems w/our relationship? What should I do?
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My husband is very nonchalant,unattentive re problems w/our relationship? What should I do?

I believe that he takes me for granted. If we have an argument and I am angry, instead of working out the situation he stays away from me until everything blows over. Last night, I literally "slept on the sofa" (I told him that I was leaving the bedroom), He never came to get me or to see what the problem was. He slept like a baby, while I got no sleep at all. I feel the next step is to get drastic. I can no longer live like this. I am uncomfortable in my own bedroom, I feel like a roomate instead of a wife. How do I approach this? His way of solving things is running until the smoke clears.

if he does that you should sit and talk what is going on or if that doesn't work you should really find someone better because a real good relationship can work things out.

ask him if he is happy in the relationship. tell him you are not and tell him why. then, seek counseling.

Find a way to talk to him when he can't just leave (out to eat, or watching a movie at home). Then tell him that you really want to talk to him about where your marriage is going. Remind him of the reasons that you fell in love with him and married him. Let him know how uncomfortable you have been lately. Ask him how he feels, and if he's been uncomfortable too. Basically, you have to find a way to communicate these things without being a drama queen. Drama will get you no where. You'll be sleeping alone again if you two cannot find some kind of common ground.

mr, nautural
well............seems your hubby has problems in confrontation, I would imagine he is a sissy also, when confronted on any topic, My advice is to LEAVE, run and dont walk. You get one ticket in life, dont waste it. This situation will never change, fact is he simply just doesnt care......but of course you know that don't you.

First you have to realize that men and women think differently. Men don't want to 'argue' with an emotional woman. They don't deal that way. Women are emotional, men are not, an emotional woman makes a non-emotional man uncomfortable. period. You want him to love you unconditionally right? Then you need to love him unconditionally, which means understanding when he runs away. Before anything else, you need to try REALLY hard to see things from his point of view. I would say this if it were an argument between father and son, friend to friend or anything. The key to any good relationship is to always look at the other persons point of view first without trying to make sure that your point gets across. and Love Love Love. If you sacrifice your pride for someone and do it with an accepting heart and love, you WILL be rewarded. Good luck.

are you a nervous wreck as most woman are?
try calming down and being nice to him. stop the screaming, stop the controlling and things will get better soon.

What you need to do is to start doing your own thing. Don't be angry with him..but if he want to ignore you..fine. Go out to dinner with a friend or by yourself. Join a gym or a reading club,you know whatever feels good to you.
Again, don't argue with him about why he is the way he is, just live your own life. If he wants to come along, he soon will. He'll see that you are fine and confident on your own and will definitely start paying attention. BE HAPPY being YOU! Love yourself and your life..if he doesn't come around, the next step is yours--put up or just leave. No one can make you miserable but you..

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