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My husband says he cares about me but yeah hes talking to another girl "as a friend" What should i do?
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My husband says he cares about me but yeah hes talking to another girl "as a friend" What should i do?

What do you mean by "talking to"? What do they talk about? Is it in person or online? Do they ever go out?

A woman's intuition is pretty powerful. Usually if something is funny about this - you'll feel it. Trust your instincts on things like this and actually act on them. If he knows it is hurtful to you that he is being intimate (as in a friendly way) with another woman then why is he doing it? Sometimes when people get married they think they can go on acting like they are just dating but there is an extreme difference. When you're married you CHOOSE that person and you choose to respect them and make them happy (within reason of course). He should at the LEAST be willing to talk with you about it if it is truly bothering you.


he has no reason 2 b talking to another girl. put an end to it. move if u have to. i bet jennifer anisten wishes she never let brad pitt do mr and mrs smith. if she works with him, tell him to change jobs

Have you met this friend?
Tell your husband not to discuss your inner marriage relationships with a woman that's not his mom or sister. Hopefully he will get the message - if not make itvery clear what the boundaries are!

The most important thing is to not get emotional about it and have a "hissy" fit. That would only confirm to him that he can't communicate openly with you and that his "need" for his "friend" is justified.
Perhaps if you know the other woman you should talk to her and explain that it makes you feel uncomfortable having her as your husbands "friend".. If her intentions are honourable she will ask him to not discuss his personal things with her but instead to discuss them with you.
It might prevent your husband from taking the next step by substituting you and your role as his friend with someone else in the future. Perhaps counciling is in order because usually when communication breaks down to the point when one or the other partner needs to look outside the marriage for friendship there are more issues involved.

The first guy that answered you is an idiot. Don't listen to him. What you should do is really make sure you relationship is sound. If you're doubting whether or not you trust him, then you need to have a really long talk with your husband about your relationship. It needs to be a calm conversation, with no accusing. When you start accusing him, it might actually drive him away from you and he will start to think of her as more than a 'friend'. She'll be the one that understands and you'll be the nagging ***** at home. Don't do anything irrational. I'm sure you have a guy friend or two, so think about how you would feel if he accused you of messing around and just walked out the door. Talk to your husband and examine what makes your relationship. If you really love one another and are committed, you'll survive this successfully.

he should introduce u to her if there is nothing to hide and if they are just friends... i dont think there should be friends that are hidden from eachother ...cuz sneaking around is just wrong...but maybe there is nothing to worry about ... i know some ppl who have had separate friends for years and they are just friends nothing else but if u know then it complicates things and he should introduce u..if not then i would think there is more than that and she should leave ur husband alone...u dont need ppl interferring

Mr. Smith
A wise person once told me, Men and Women can not be "Just Friends". Well I have had some experience in this area. I can't seem to keep myself from thinking about my female friends as simply 'friends'. Men like women. They may have every intention to keep the relationship as a friendship, but they are not capable of this action. I wish I could be friends with women, but the truth is that if a man and a woman try to be friends, sooner or later they will see each other in a way that can very easily become more than a friendship.

i accept tht ur jealous upon him.it doesn't mean u misunderstand him.

Believe in him. Some men feel better with a woman as a friend.

Friends with another girl is OUT. I had a bf once (whom I ended up living with for many years) and I made sure to cut out his girl "FRIEND" at the beginning. They're nothing but trouble. He ended up a loser anyhow but...

Cut her out! Be manipulative if you must.

As long as he isn't talking to her all the time and ignoring you it should be OK with you but if you think he is talking to her to much just tell him how much it hurts you whenever he talks to her so much and maybe you all can work things out between you all. I just had the same problem with my husband but he would text over the phone instead of talking to me when i was sitting in the same room with him

It depends on the conversations. If she is a friend, then its ok. I have several friends who are girls, I'm not going to quit being their friend because I got married. My wife knows them, and has hung out with them on occasion as well. If he's FLIRTING, that's another story.

Its OK for men to have female friends but does she come over to your house when your there, does she go out with both of you at the same time, if not then hes trying to date this woman right underneath your nose. confront him about that and see what happens, he probably start an argument or get up and leave.

Why does he feel a need to be talking to this other girl? He has a right to have acquaintances and occasionally talk to people but you should be his best friend and the one he primarily talks to.

You should talk to your husband. Don't yell at him or accuse him. Just tell him you're a bit concerned. Don't tell him he can't talk to other girls. Just be honest. A good marriage is based on trust and honesty. Mind games are for junior high kids.

dump him and find a guy who really cares

then u also make him jealous

Talk to another man as a friend...
try me..

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