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My husband wants to separate. He says we are not "compatible". What does that mean?
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My husband wants to separate. He says we are not "compatible". What does that mean?

means he thinks you are not compatible...what do you care, regardless of what it means, he no longer wants to be with you...move on

it means he has found someone new to be with.

Is he cheating?... maybe or maybe not. Just focus on what you know. Nobody can honestly infer that someone is cheating because he thinks that you guys are not compatible. If his claim is not a surprise to you, you guys probably argue very often. If his claim is a surprise to you then there might be some hidden agenda.

When there is no cheating involved, it is not easy for someone to reach the desicion that the couple needs to separate. He may realize that no matter what he says and does he ends up hurting you and vice versa. It is like reaching a dead end and the only way out is divorce.

It means you guys don't have enough in common that is what compatible means. BUT when a man says that it mean he is seeing someone else or getting ready to.so just dump him you don't need some one like that you are to good for him anyway.

It means there is someone else in his life, and time to dump you. Maybe its time to start over with someone new, get a fresh start.

Why is he waiting until now to tell you?? That is so crazy! Have you ever asked him what he means?? Maybe you two need to have a nice talk and figure out what it is that is bothering him.

On the other hand, maybe he is cheating on you.

he does not want to spend time or money on a person that he does not feel comfortable being around

that he wants to move on..it'll be better for you, go find a new man!

Is that all he said? Maybe he feels like there is a lack of good communication between you two. Or maybe he sees his life headed in a different direction. He most likely has other interests that he feels he can't experience with you. Try talking to him about it.

Ask him why you are not compatible!!!!!
The word simply means not similar, etc. Ask him in what areas are you not compatible----It may lead to a learning experience for you!
Good luck my "yahoo" friend!

He thinks your personalities clash.

Or (rude to say and I'm really sorry) He's met someone else that he believes he's more compatible with.

it means he knows too much computer vocab, which means he's a nerd.

It simply means you two have nothing in common...You were not meant for each other...

maybe there is just things that u guys dont agree or get along on each other!
but u can still talk about it..maybe he`s just in a middle of depression right now! make him feel special and the "love" u both have shared for years..

It means that you no longer like the same things. Maybe if you would show more interst in him you may be able to work things out.

Sounds like your husband is trying to tell you he's into someone else or that he's already been with someone else that's what my ex husband told me too and come to find out he was sleeping around....maybe that's not the case with you guys hope you find the right answer good luck

It means. he is seeing someone else...no one leaves the confort of their home unless someone else is waiting on the otherside...Figure out who he is banging...

Time for you to hit the road and don't look back!!!

He had enough and want to move on or just disappointed in your performance.Have you try to ask him?

~Brought to you by popularity!~
It means that you don't like doing what he does... another female!

Obviously, because you didn't want to have a threesome.

It means that he thinks you are not THE ONE.

That he doesn't know what the hell he is doing.

Hes cheating.. dump him

It probaly means he's screwing your sister or your nieghbor or something... HE DOESN'T want you any more....

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