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My wife brings her boyfriend over?
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My wife brings her boyfriend over?

Lately she has made it clear she wants her boyfriend to stay at our house. Should I just accept it or divorce her? I'm always the one cooking too while they watch tv and stuff. He is even the one who sleeps in my bed while im on the couch. I'm too scared to say anything to him though because he may take it the wrong way!

I didn't know a doormat was able to type a question????!!!

Pedo Claus Bear
yeah don't be rude, get back in the kitchen and prepare for their lunch tomorrow!

If you're not kidding, then keep doing what your doing. You won't survive on your own.

Too much, lol.

Cracker Jack

Carlos Miguel
talk whit her it´s the best idea, but in any case that don´t works, breake up whit her

Captain S
I really hope you're kidding.

General Custer
Tell them both to leave or you'll kill them.

Your the biggest pvssy on this site!!!

When i come over B!!tch have your wifes and my meal ready and our bath water running!!!

That's completely unacceptable. Grow a pair! Dump her and stop taking his crap!

Dude, I sleep in the bed because the couch is uncomfortable for me.

By the way, what time will dinner be ready?

Eric L
Well 2 months ago, you were asking questions about your GIRLFRIEND. Nice try though.

I had a smart-alek comment until I read IHM's answer...

Now I can't see from the tears coming to my eyes in laughter.

Set some ground rules and share the chores.

Kick them both outta the house, such women deserve nothing but a kick in her butt!

You need to kick them both out of your house and file for divorce.

Either this is a bad troll, or you are completely retarded.

DIVORCE PAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, you need to man up and grow some balls. No wonder all American women treat their husbands like crap. It is because of men like you. What a disgrace.

Summer S
Hi honey, you should call me and we can talk about your cuckhold fetish. I know the idea of this turns you on... U can find me at niteflirt dot com and my name there is Voluptuousviolet

Rachel Wan Kenobi
Put your balls in his face and tell him to get out. Or you could just tell him to get out. I added the balls-to-the-face thing for a purposes of being a bad @ss


Are u flippin kidding me!! Well I bet u would take it in the a s s if she said too right. Oh wait you already are. Grow a set and divorce her, move out or kick her out. I would be so embarrassed to even post something such as this. Scared of what might ask?

Who's name is on the deed and the mortgage? Next time he comes over call the cops, and tell the cops you don't want this man in your house again -EVER!- and if she doesn't like it she can get out, too! They will find themselves on the spot, and will be arrested if they don't comply or threaten you in front of the police.

I just can't believe the question is true but anyway, you have to grow some real big balls. Can't believe you let them treat you like this. What are you scared of? What should he take the wrong way? That the house belongs to you and you can decide who to kick out the house? That is your damn right as you are supposed to be the man.

jon lk
Question to you dude.

It seems as if you rely on your wife for everything hence you cannot move out.If that is not the case then move out with dignity.You need to show her that you are a man and you are able to take care of yourself.

It might seem difficult at first but once you keep at it you will begin to get on your feet.Do not let it stress you up, there is someone out there who is ready to love better than your current cheating wife.

When you move out start the divorce proceedings, but again you must be ready to start all over again cause your know the law takes care of the women.The divorce is to set you free.

Hope that gets you started.

I 'm judging by the responses that others didn't read the last part of you stating you were bored at work and made it all up.?????
Look dude true or false i don't know, But it's a sad thing if it's true and yes you most certainly do need to divorce her and call law enforcement to have your wife's boyfriend removed from your home.
If you have no choice but to allow her to stay then she'd damn sure be the one sleeping on the couch. Then again i'd trash the bed it's nasty. Better yet i'd pack what you want and need leave both of them right there in the house. I would have any utilities in your name shut off, and if possible talk with a lawyer about needed steps to take in order to remove your name from any binding debts combined with your wife. But if it's untruth and made up. You may want to look for another job which will give you plenty to do so your aren't so bored your left to make up such stories.

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